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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied into Montgomery College's Fall '12 Nursing program. I am applying after my second attempt on the TEAS which will be on Tuesday, March 20th. My first try (without... Read More

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    hey kedacakes, the speaker at the information session actually suggested to go through the health center at umd. great job on gw, its too bad about the cost. i priced out the cost of mcs nursing program (only the nursing courses) at the current rates, 5,110! i am going to continue to work throughout the program. the best of luck! hopefully everyone here will make it in!

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    Hey Kedacakes!!

    Best of luck your sure to get in!!!
    I will be working while in nursing school, I really have no choice. I hear its difficult to do but honestly I have seen it done by so many, including fellow co workers who are now working nurses!! I work night shift at a hospital so its not impossible but it will really depend on the person.

    But best of luck and I hope to see you in the fall!
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    So I called Montgomery College Nursing Program and asked about when they thought decisions would be sent out and they said mid June!!!! That is so far away...if I don't get into my first choice then the wait is going to drive me crazy!!!! Mid June is so far out, I just don't know why its so late.
    Well best of luck to all of us!!
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    Hey Drea!!
    Thanks for the update and all of that info.

    I have micro and A and P 1 complete. Currently finishing A and P 2 and english 102.

    Do we really have to wait until June to hear something???? That seems like such a long time. I heard mid May as well so hopefully thats it.

    I will be working part time (as long as I get in!!!). I definitely could not afford to go MC's program is just so good at such a low price.
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    I also have my math foundation complete.

    Also....I spoke to the office yesterday as well. They definitely said mid June but Im wondering if they don't tell students a later date so they don't get huffy when they are waiting. But who knows?? UGH SUCH A LONG TIME!!!
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    redmonds12, so you are on the college math level, and have english foundation (en101), I'm assuming BI107 which are the prereqs, then you have bi204, a priority course and a math110 or higher done. The en102 and bi205 are the last two priority courses. The micro doesnt count in either of those catagories, but is good to have out of the way! Because you are currently talking the en102 and bi205, they will only count you at 2/4 priority courses. Im not sure if that was all clear to you prior to my little synopsis, but there it is! I think you are right about the later date. I wish I had continued to think it was July as I was originally told by the admissions office. After hearing May from some of the nursing staff, I can hardly wait! Im just trying to continue as if Im not accepted and getting a couple other classes out of the way to maybe apply into BSN programs… I really would love to get into MC’s though!
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    I can hardly wait and I hope for good news!!! I am finishing up my last priority course, BI205, and I graduate this spring with an AA in General Studies!! If I don't get in this Fall than I will reapply for Spring as well as apply to UMB for their BSN program! I hope for the best and June does seem so far out especially when fall registration begins April 23. I'm a nervous wreck but I have alot to keep me busy!! Best of luck to all of us and hope we are all in this Fall!!
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    Eramos, I'm graduating this spring with my general studies, too! I've registered summer I for CH101 and BI213, the last two courses I need for prereqs into UMD and other BSN programs in the area. Good luck!
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    Hey Drea!!
    I hope we do get in for the fall!!! I was going to take CH101 in the summer but unfortunately with my work schedule it doesn't work. Which campus are you taking it at and with whom? So how did you do on the TEAS test? I did farely well with no studying so if by any chance I do not get in this fall I will study and retake it! I always have a plan B and sometimes a plan C...LOL So are you going to apply for UMB in the Spring? That's my plan B, I am planning on taking Chem in the fall and that will be the last pre req I need for UMB. I am actually excited and nervous that I have made it this far!!! Well best of luck!!
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    E- I posted my scores in the first couple posts. I didn't do as well as I had hoped with having studied the second time around. If things don't work out for the fall, I'd be looking into the spring as well and into a much wider selection of schools although MC really is the best fit. Once I get the chem and nutrition class out of my way, I'll only have nursing courses to complete, so my fingers are crossed! Good luck to you and everyone on this thread!

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