MedStar Georgetown University Hospital - New Grad Summer 2013 - page 2

I just applied over the weekend, took my Battery Test. Anyone else apply? I'm from Mass and anxiously waiting my decision (which may not be for a month) but that's okay.... Read More

  1. by   lbksjaqe
    its more like a personality test. Like what would you do if someone didnt like you at your work? How would you handle it? Hope that helps.
  2. by   lbksjaqe
    Has anyone heard anything yet?
  3. by   jessie25
    I haven't heard anything yet but I am so nervous how about everyone else?
  4. by   lbksjaqe
    I got waitlisted
  5. by   MDG0407
    I was invited to their new grad day. Anyone else?
  6. by   lmarti10
    i was invited to the new grad day too! have you heard anything about the hospital, positive or negative? what the working environment is like, how the pay is, etc??
  7. by   MDG0407
    I have not, but I really want to research further before I accept!
  8. by   MDG0407
    Does anyone have further information about GUH?