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Anyone else preparing for fall 2012? I'm such a dork about this. I've been planning every single little step of this. :lol2: I'll be submitting my university application in October/November. I'm not worried about getting... Read More

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    @Chrabi417 : I understand how you feel. I finished all my prerequisites Summer 2011. I couldn't apply for Spring 2012 because of loose ends I needed to take care of at work. I feel like I've wasted an entire year. The weather is helping maintain my sanity. This mild winter has kept me outdoors instead of obsessing on my computer with cabin fever.

    It looks like people found out last year around April 6 but maybe we will get lucky and find out a little sooner. I wish the application deadlines would have have been Jan.1 instead of Feb. 1. It would have been nice to have the decision come out around the same time that other schools send out acceptance letters....Good luck!
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    My status has been 'committee ready' for a very long time. It's close to the end of March 2012. It is nail biting.
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    Good luck to you, dccubano!
    The wait is soooo long. Don't think I can take much more
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    Thanks grey lady!

    This definitely made the choice easier to apply to MC as choice number two. I was probably getting ahead of myself! I can't wait until the decisions are made. The time is nearing I'm sure
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    sooo it's April now. Has anyone heard anything back yet? My status still says "committee ready"
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    Hello, yes mine still says comittee ready. If you go on there's slightly more info and chatter.

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