Loosing hope as a new graduate

  1. I moved to MD thinking I would have no problem gaining employment as a new graduate. I am disheartened by what I have found. This is not my first career nor my first degree. I passed the NCLEX have over 10 years of case management skills and am very eager to gain employment to enhance my nursing skills. The job market wants BSN in which I would love to obtain but I would like to have some work history first before signing up for school again. Most of the employers are not even acknowledging my past work history. They are too busy asking that I have at least two years of nursing experience to even apply for a job. Did I just make the biggest mistake of my life? I thought I was coming into a profession that would greet me with open arms instead I find the door close with a sign that says you need not apply unless you have a BSN or two years of work experience as a R.N. We don't care that you were a Social Worker in your past life. Please help me find an organization willing to take on a people's person Nurse!!!
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  3. by   9janurse
    yep 6 months ...still nothing for me
  4. by   nikkiclaygirl
    Yes, not quit six months but long enough to know I will be moving back to where I came from . That is if things don't look up real soon.
  5. by   bpedsrn
    Don't loose hope! my cousin experienced the same thing in NYC....found a job after 1 yr of passing boards....Try a Nursing home, then you can transition later or even some rehab facilities are willing to hire n train new grads
  6. by   nikkiclaygirl
    Thanks for the info I have already started to put things into action on that front. We will see what life brings me. I am not quitter but I will change the game if need be
  7. by   skyblue77
    I just graduated in May but I feel your frustration. I had an interview last week only to be told other applicants with experience were being considered. I have another interview next week for LTC, not my first choice by any means but we'll see how it goes. Good luck, I feel your pain.
  8. by   nikkiclaygirl
    Well I am happy to report that I am employed not in a hospital but I am hoping to find a PRN hospital position soon until then I will enjoy my position with the Health Dept.Very anxious to get hospital skills still! I am grateful!!!