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    I recently moved here and have applied for several jobs with JHH, however I was rejected for all of them. It seems that one I applied for required a bachelor's degree and the other two required experience.

    Does anyone know what the position is listed as for the residency? For example the jobs I applied for were "Nurse Clinician" and "Nurse IM Pace".

    Any light anyone could shed would be great, thanks.

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    Nurse clinician positions are the entry level jobs, often times it sepcifies "entry level."
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    Thank you
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    sbrown, when are your interviews scheduled and what departments?!
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    Quote from LAtoMD
    sbrown, when are your interviews scheduled and what departments?!
    Thank you! October 14, 18 & 19!!!
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    ...departments : CSICU, Wilmer OR & Weinberg 4D
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    Is it an RN position for the CSICU? What was your practicum in?
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    Yes it is. Surgical ICU.
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    That's so amazing. I was wishing for a unit like that. How did your interview go today?? wishing the best for you!
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    Aww, thanks! Well, I wish I could say it went better, but I don't think I got the job. It seems that the entire focus was my lack of real experience in an ICU. Apparently, the NM feels that her ICU is much more critical than the one I had in school. I really tried to interject and talk about my willingness to learn, but I don't know if that helped. To be honest, I left the interview confused. She gave me her business card and asked me to email her if I thought I wanted to "proceed". I don't know what that was about. Of course, when I got home I emailed her and told her I was still very much interested. I haven't heard back yet.

    Question for you ucfRN, is the Wilmer OR for eye surgery? If so, what kinds of surgeries did you observe?

    I'm wishing the very best for you also!!! I was told if I start, it won't be until Nov. that the same for you? I hope so, I'd love to meet you!

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