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  1. I recently graduated with my ADN and I was trying to get into JHH RN Residency program. However, an HR person contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a UAP/RN position to "get my foot in the door" so to speak. Has anyone heard of this before? ....or done this?
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  3. by   ucfRN
    It sounds like a good offer but did they tell you the unit you would be a UAP on? That way you're aware of whether you'd be an RN on that unit?
  4. by   sbrownRN
    Well, they keep asking how many hours and what type of ICU I was in on clinicals in school. So, that leads me to think it is an ICU unit. Would you think that?
  5. by   ucfRN
    Absolutely. Do you want to be on an ICU? It's sounds like a good opportunity!
  6. by   sbrownRN
    Yes. She asked me what areas I was interested in and ICU was the third one I listed. I really want OB/GYN, but I'll take ICU anyday over med/surg! Are you applying at JHH also? Are you entry-level? Are they considering you for a RN position?
  7. by   ucfRN
    Yes I am sooo interested in JHH. I am a new grad nurse (since May)
  8. by   sbrownRN
    Me too! Well, good luck to you BTW, is the "ucf" University of Central Florida? I used to live in Cocoa Beach!
  9. by   ucfRN
    Yes! Thats pretty close to UCF
  10. by   LAtoMD
    Okay so initially I was interviewed for a UAP/RN position on a surgical oncology unit. It went very well but I told my recruiter what my main interest was so she set up an appointment for me yesterday immediately after my sharetime last week for another UAP-RN position. Upon going in for my interview I was fully prepared for the UAP position but the unit told me that they are also accepting applicants for an RN position so they interviewed me for both positions and upon returning to the NM following my interview she told me I got the Nurse Clinician I position. I start Halloween and I cannot state how amazing the recruitment office is at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Go for the interview because you never know what RN positions will open up!!! Is anyone starting the SPRING orientation on Halloween?
  11. by   sbrownRN
    LAtoMD I am so happy for you!

    So, I applied and have an interview with the CSICU, which is one of my interests. But, I think that is for a UAP/RN position. Well, I saw that a Nurse Clinician position came open in surgery (Wilmer 4D) so I applied for it. I have an interview for that one as well. So, my interviews are scheduled for Oct. 14 & Oct 18. I am so nervous! Were the questions the same for the UAP interview as they were for the Nurse Clinician? Also, when did you interview? Just trying to figure out if I may possibly start in the SPRING program with you on Halloween. Also, does it matter what color scrubs I wear to the share time?
  12. by   LAtoMD
    Yes the questions were the same. They're essentially interviewing you as an RN because the UAP/RN position is meant for new graduates to advance and transition easily into a Nurse Clinician position. Last Friday I had an interview with another unit and was offered the UAP/RN position but declined it because I was told Friday that I had an interview set up for a UAP/RN position on my first unit of choice. So my interview for the position that I accepted was set up on Friday for Tuesday and I got the offer before I left the hospital following sharetime. I wore dark blue scrubs but they're actually the same color of The Johns Hopkins University nursing students. They don't care what color you wear I just wouldn't wear any color too out there. Good luck on your interview! And the best advice I could give to you was definitely research your unit and know specific facts about the department so you could congratulate them on any specific awards. Also bring in a notepad to jot down anything like I wrote down the names of the staff I met with to send tha k-you cards post interview. Also write down a list of questions. They ALWAYS ask if you have any questions and the staff seemed impressed that I had made a list of specific questions about their unit, committees, and additional programs for new graduates.
  13. by   sbrownRN
    Thanks for the tips! What unit did you get hired for? I am so confused about the UAP/RN position. When she first started talking to me, she told me I would be eligible for that. But, then when she set up the interview for it, she didn't say I needed to make sure I obtained my CNA certification beforehand (I told her I didn't have one, already). I really would prefer a nurse clinician over uap/rn. I am interviewing for the CSICU (UAP/RN) and the WOR/Wilmer/W4D(Nurse Clinician). Have they explained to you yet, what you will be doing when you first start? (like classroom, or floor)
  14. by   ucfRN
    You have a Wilmer OR Interview? Me too!
    I would love to interview for CSICU because I have a passion for cardiology.

    Thanks for insight into the UAP/RN.
    In the Nurse Clinican programs, they have different types programs depending on the unit. The Wilmer OR is 12 months and the beginning is classroom time.

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