Jobs for New ADN Grad RN? Bleak outlook or glimmer of hope?

  1. Hi Maryland Nurses,

    I'm looking into working as a nurse in the Baltimore area as a brand-new RN grad from an out-of-state ADN program. Regionally, the program is well respected, but in MD, no one will have heard of it. So, as a new ADN grad RN w/o experience under her belt, would I have a prayer getting hired anywhere?

    I do have BS and MS degrees in other fields, but I know: within the field of nursing, other degrees are mostly moot.

    Maybe if I stated my (honest) intention to earn my BSN in the immediate future? Maybe there are small/inner-city hospitals that hire new ADN grads? Has anyone had any experience with this in Baltimore or nearby areas? Thanks in advance for any help/knowledge you can share! It's much appreciated.
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  3. by   missnurse01
    I worked in Maryland and Bethesda a few years back and would do a lot of agency. All I know is that they were hurting for nurses...hurting. I would enroll in a rn-bsn program asap, put that down, and apply everywhere within a reasonable commute to you! It might be 2 hours, but at least you get a job.

    good luck
  4. by   whitescrubs2012
    Miss Nurse, Thanks so much for your hopeful reply! I'm really glad to hear that there's a need for nurses in the Baltimore area. Were you working for the agencies w/o a BSN? Were the agencies placing you in local hospitals? Thanks, again, for sharing your experience!
  5. by   arockingroupie
    It took me over a year to get my first RN job in the Baltimore area, I applied to every hospital in the state. There is a huge influx of nurses here due to all of the nursing schools (universities and community colleges). Most got their foot in the door either by working as a tech in a hospital first or the colleges are contracted with specific hospitals that gives them a foot in the door.
  6. by   missnurse01
    yes I was working for agency without bsn. Yes agencies were placing me in local hospitals. I was living in Maryland at the time, so I went all over for work!

    arockingroupie: i am not surprised that it has changed. Many areas are flooded with new grads. people I worked with in Seattle moved up from Cali b/c they could not get a job there. People might have to go out of state, into Md or VA for work in a more rural area.

    good luck to you all!
  7. by   ProsaicParadise
    I agree with what arockingroupie said. I had to get a job in VA so I have an hour commute each way. Many of my classmates now have jobs a year out, but some still do not. Keep trying! There are still hospitals that have a lot of turnover.
  8. by   i<3u
    I've just been hired in the Baltimore area so you're not out of luck. You'll never know until you apply. If you already have your license then you probably have a bigger advantage than those who are currently graduating (& don't have their license). When applying at JHH, apply for Nurse Clinician/Nurse Clinician I positions and they usually reply pretty quickly whether or not they'd like to continue with the hiring process. I had a response from them too but took another position at another hospital. Apply, apply, apply!! Don't listen to the naysayers (not talking about anyone in particular), especially if you feel good about applying for a particular position. If l had listened to naysayers when I applied, I wouldn't have a job right now. Good luck!
  9. by   Meg86an
    I graduated this past December 2012 with my ADN in New Jersey. Like you I wanted to move to the Baltimore area. My ADN program is very well respected in the area I live in. I applied to about 100 jobs with one interview in Baltimore (no offer!) I recently got my NJ license and have accepted a job 6 months out of school. Although Baltimore is where I want to be, the job market looks bleak.
  10. by   tachybradyRN
    If NJ pays anything like NY, you'll be better off in NJ anyway. I'm from NY and took a HUGE pay cut to work here in MD (my husband wanted to move here to be nearer to his family, were I still single I would have stayed in NY)
  11. by   Meg86an
    I'm not sure what the pay Is like in New York. I was quoted 28 an hour for a nursing home I was hired at. I also have the opportunity to pick up overtime.
  12. by   CBPsychNurse
    Unfortunately, most hospitals in Baltimore are looking for BSNs. I agree with i<3u that you need to apply to any and all positions you can, regardless of whether or not it's in your desired field. Look for new grad nurse residencies and don't disregard a position just because it's not at a hospital. My first job was at a group home for adolescents. Right now, you need to focus on getting your foot in the door any way you can, get a year of two of experience under your belt, then start looking again.
  13. by   whitescrubs2012
    Thanks to all for your input and suggestions!
  14. by   luvly189
    I understand how you feel I just got hired after almost six months of searching but I basically had to bug the hell out of the HR lady. Just be persistant. Once they see how much you want the job they will find a way to get you in for an interview. Good luck!

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