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    Hi everyone! I was looking to see if this thread was already started, and I haven't found anything---which is suprising. I applied to JHU, among 6 other ABSN programs. I've heard back from 3, but am still waiting on JHU and 2 others. So far, JHU is my top choice. I've heard really great things about the program and school, plus I'm an RPCV--so there is an added bonus with JHU Peace Corps program. I just wanted to know if anyone else has applied and if they have heard anything yet? I'm hoping to hear back by February because that is when 2 other schools are wanting my decision...and it's not like I can put down multiple deposits to save my spots. Any advice on what to do?

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    Hello there! I've applied as well, but to the BS-MSN program, which is basically a program where you get your accelerated BSN first, and then you get your MSN immediately after in a specialty of your choice. My application was complete in early October, and I interviewed at the end of October. I'm dying! I'm so nervous. I just want to hear back already! I've applied to Duke, Marquette, NYU, and Penn (interviewed at Penn as well). I have yet to hear back from anyone else... I think Penn tells us their decision in about 2 weeks, and we hear if we received an interview from Duke next week.

    I have thought it is strange that there was no thread for fall entry as well, but there is one for summer entry on the Post Graduate Nursing forum that is quite active. I guess a lot of people applied for summer entry? I would prefer a break because I'm graduating with my BS in May, but whatever is meant to be will be!
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    I agree with the summer break. I've graduated back in '08, so have been working ever since---so it would be nice to have a break! Did you apply for only BS-MSN programs? I'm also waiting to hear from JHU and Upenn, although Upenn's price tag is a bit steep for me. I'm bascially going to be depending on financial aid since I have absolutely no money---but I'm hoping that my good grades/healthcare experience will help get me a really good scholarship somewhere.
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    hopefulnurse24 already knows me from the summer entry JHU board but I'm a current JHUSON student in the 17 month Fall Accel program so if you have questions let me know The wait is the hardest part and I def understand what you are going through.....fingers crossed for both of you.
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    Hey cnp2012! Thanks for reaching out. I actually just talked to a friend today that went to jhu a few years back and is now working at the hospital. I know the school is amazing and my friend tells me how they are so willing to help student out--I was just curious about the financial aid available. Are students having to take out private loans? Is there a loan repayment program with the university? And regarding the 17 mon program---what's the main diff than the 13 mon program other than the length. When did you find out about your acceptance? I really appreciate you help with this. Lots of questions
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    Hey Annie! I know the answer to the financial aid question so I don't mind answering it. Most students do take out loans, but they offer some scholarships. One scholarship, the Fuld Fellowship, requires that you do some work along with it if you receive it. You should look it up! It's pretty cool. Cnp is actually a recipient. I applied and received an email back that they were no longer taking applications for that scholarship and had chosen to review every applicant for it, so you could email them and ask more about that. There's also a merit scholarship, which I did apply for (it is still mandatory to apply to this one), but I was told that most students who receive it have over a 3.8 (I have a 3.75 and a lot of health related experience but I honestly don't know I will be competitive). But it can never hurt to try, so I applied anyways! And I think JHU hospital nursing (not the nursing school) offers some type of small loan repayment option but I'm not sure how much. If you google it, it'll probably tell you!
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    hopefulnurse is correct most people do take out loans...I did receive a lot of financial assistance from the SON and a large portion of that is through the Fuld Fellowship. I would encourage you to apply for the merit scholarship but in my honest opinion don't get your hopes up on receiving it (it could happen though!). The Hopkins hospital does not offer loan repayment but they do offer tuition benefits for you to further your education at the advanced practice level....I was told this by a Hopkins rep at the career fair in November. There are a few differences between the 13 and 17 month programs. The first semester for the 13 month cohort is much crazier because they only have 10 weeks to fit it all in when the 17 monthers have 14 weeks. The 13 month cohort have longer days and weeks during the first semester than the 17 month cohort. I was generally out of class by 3pm and had some breaks during the day. With that being said both programs move quickly and you can expect tests/sign-offs every other week. Also the 13 month cohort had clinical every week the first semester. Our class only had clinical every other week so every other week I had Friday off which was awesome. The other main difference is the clinical schedule this summer. The 13 month cohort currently has 8 hours clinical days for OB and Adult Health 2 while the 17 month cohort will have 10 hour clinical days. The other main difference is the length of the winter break...the 13 month cohort only has 2 weeks off while the 17 month cohort has 6 weeks!! I applied regular decision last minute and I was notified of my acceptance the end of February. I know the wait sucks...but just breath, that phone call will come any day!!! Ask me whatever you want I am an open book...you can post here or email me at cpeck10@jhu.edu
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    Hi Cnp2012! Thanks so much for all that information. About the Fuld scholarship---what exactly are the requirements to be eligible? And what activities do you participate to participate as a Fuld fellow? I actually might be interested in that one bc currently I work in a quality dept of a physicians group practice---and it's very interesting work. As far as the merit scholarship---according online, the deadline already passed (feb 1) I'm a returning peace corps volunteer, so I'm going to apply to that one---but they only give 1 away as well, so I'm not going to get my hopes up. Do a lot of students work at the same time as going to school? What is the cost of living in Baltimore? I really appreciate all your help in this. Thanks so much!
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    Well I think they have changed the requirements for Fuld and are now evaluating every applicant. As a fellow in my first semester i had to participate in 4 seminars with other fellows and basically learn the QI models used at Hopkins and applied those to a case study. This semester and the rest of my time here i will be working on a quality improvement hospital over at Hopkins hospital. My project is based in the SICU and the use of checklists and patient daily goal sheets to improve team communication and patient outcomes. Honestly don't worry about the merit scholarship they only give out 1 maybe two and usually applicants have a 4.0 GPA with some sort of substantiated disadvantaged background. I would say apply for everything you can and just hope for the best. also do a web search for scholarships. They often are not as substantial but if you get a few they will add up! A lot of people in my class work as CNE's (clinical nurse externs) at hospitals in the area. I work in the office of admissions as my work study job so it is possible to do. The extern schedule is a little crazier but completely do-able. I moved to Baltimore from Boston so in my perspective the cost of living is much lower. Contact me anytime with questions!!
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    That fuld fellows scholarship seems right up my alley. I looked again online, and there doesn't appear to be any application---so everyone is evaluated you say? I will definitely be looking elsewhere for scholarships bc you are right, every little bit counts. I'm also interested in working part time while in school---hopefully in the hospital, but I have plenty of experience working in admin. How did those students working as CNE's get their jobs? Thanks for helping me out!

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