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Hi everyone! I was looking to see if this thread was already started, and I haven't found anything---which is suprising. I applied to JHU, among 6 other ABSN programs. I've heard back from 3, but am still waiting on JHU and 2... Read More

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    nope everyone does the 896 required for graduation.

    Patient Centered care = 56 hours
    Psych, Adult Health 1, Adult Health 2, Peds, OB and Public Health = 112 hours each
    Final Practicum = 168 hours

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    Hey Everyone!

    I just got my financial aid package and it looks like I will need to find a private lender. Since the school is not able to disclose any particular lender, do any of you (accepted/current students) know where to start? How to go about that process? This is my first time having to get a private loan, so I am a bit daunted.

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