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I just submitted my application yesterday to the RN program at AACC. I was just wondering if anyone else has submitted theirs and how long it took for them to hear back. I am so anxious! I hate... Read More

  1. by   courtney972
    did you have to make an appointment with them at the center for the vaccines? I just need a TB test, tetanus shot and I'm not sure what to do about the varicella one because I know I had chickenpox as a kid but I have no record of a vaccine and the vaccine requires 2 shots 4 weeks apart.
  2. by   claira15
    Ok, so for your TB test you have to go to the school, they would do it for 5 box (you have to have this one done first) and you need an appointment. After that I went to Glen Burnie Health Center or you can go to Parole Health Center in Annapolis, it's free and no appointment necessary.
  3. by   nbalieiro
    i just took the rest of my vaccines, I went to parole health center, if you are trying to get your PPD go to 1st medical mayo road edgewater, you don't need an appointment it was really fast, now for the titer i am going to the place they have printed in the paper they gave it to us
  4. by   claira15
    :O tomorrow orientation!!!!!
  5. by   lydz
    That wasn't the same e-mail as the first one they send you that says

    "We are in receipt of your application for the RN program at Anne Arundel Community College. Only complete applications will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will be returned and can only be resubmitted once complete."

    was it?
    I applied the 23rd of Aug. and that email was sent on the 28th of Aug. I have a good gpa (3.8) and completed all the prerequisites, and I am an in-county resident. So I do not see any reason for them not to accept me, but I have not received any further emails and the application has not been returned to me to my knowledge. Should I be worried that I have not gotten any response besides that so far? They told me at the time of submitting that spots were still available and I would know by November. Please help!
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  6. by   claira15
    Hey, I am so sorry to hear that.. I know it is so hard to wait! To be honest with you, I dont think you got in the program you should know by now, they told us in october. It seems that people who apply later than July did not got accepted. Anyhow there is always hope because once you get accepted there is another process to complete (vaccines, cpr, etc) and you never know is there is people who are going to drop the class.. I hate that they do not let you know if you are not accepted but I understand them too because the amount of applications that they received it's crazy. Hope this helps!
  7. by   thenameismac
    For those who got accepted what were your scores like? GPA/ TEAS? I need to retake API and APII and I still have to take Micro. Everything else is done. My overall GPA is okay but I don't have the best science grades (hence the retakes). What do you guys think of my retakes? I have to apply right after this spring in order to qualify for next spring and not next fall??? I hope this makes sense.
  8. by   claira15
    As long as you are 2.8 GPA, you are fine.. mine was 3.4.. and on my teas test I got proficient. Hope this help
  9. by   Blacksapphire 18
    I received a call that I was pulled from Fall 2013 and was admitted to Spring 2013. I know I missed the first orientation can anyone fill me in? Has anyone started any groups? I look forward to meeting everyone at the orientation in January!
  10. by   Blacksapphire 18
    Is there a facebook group?
  11. by   claira15 group: aaccnursingfall2014
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  12. by   BusywithNursing
    I just submitted my application 2 weeks ago, received the "standard we have your application" email last week... How long did it take for you all to hear any news? I know they started accepting students earlier as last July into the fall 2013 class, my friend was a accepted after being wait listed for spring 2013....

    I've worked so hard.... Crossing fingers for fall!
  13. by   Nadine619
    I submitted my AACC RN program application on Jan 2, 2013 and just got notified 04/02/13 of my acceptance for Spring 2014 but also on the wait list for this Fall 2013. *Fingers crossed* I hope I can start this Fall 2013.