1. 0 A month ago I got my official acceptance into University of Delaware's Traditional BSN program. Im so excited and feeling blessed to even conquer this feat!

    Long story short; Im a non-traditional student who transferred to UD and wanted to do Nursing. Well, they dont accepted transfers into their traditional BSN program (either you are a freshman or accelerated) but I wasnt gonna waste money to get a degree that I dont need so I had to take a semester of FT classes and get a GPA above 3.0 to be eligible to apply and 3.5 to be competitive. They wouldnt look at your outside GPA to determine eligibility so... yeah had to use last semester to kick *$$

    The good thing is that I did my AS in Liberal Arts (3.8) in MI which covered most of my pre-reqs (was gonna do Nursing but they kept changing app dates so I got fed up and decided to move to DE in 2010 and marry my fiance).

    I decided to tackle UD's unforgiving aceptance guidelines... well Im in now and even the advisor was glad to see I got in despite the fact that they dont admit transfers...

    Goes to show that you can do anything you put your mind to...
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    moved to Maryland nursing programs for best response
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    I live in delaware... thanks

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