I am horrible with Math should I even try to get into a nursing program? - page 2

I have allways dreamed of getting into a nursing program when my youngest child started school full time. After looking at the pre requisites for nursing programs I fear that it would be a waste of... Read More

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    I'm horrible at science, and math... Too much memorization for me. Keep practicing.. Don't give up...

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    I haven't read any of the other posts but I strongly encourage you to not give up. I was the worst when it comes to taking math exams. I started in remedial math when I started college 5 years ago and would failed 2x then progressed to the next level only to fail again. I was sooooo discouraged because I was so behind my peers. I really had to figure out what kind of resources I needed to take advantage of . I ended up taking math classes at a community college with an amazing professor. I found out that it was all an attitude issue and that I'm actually good at math. It's all about finding your own method because there's so many ways to find an answer in math. I'm going into my second year of nursing school (yes, I'm behind but I wasn't ready back then and I've worked my butt off). We have medication exams that we have to get 95% or above before the start of each semester, plus whatever med problems are in the exams. It's not really hard to be honest. Once you know the basics of medication math, you can pretty much play with different formul/easieras that a right for you and that will give you the correct answer. My point is that I could've allowed my issue with math hold me back, but I found a way to play those math problems in my own way. Yes, I've watched a handful or so of my friends graduate on time but we all have our own path to follow. I'm enjoying the nursing program and I don't think I would've been as mentally and emotionally prepared as I am now. Don't give up and don't allow anyone to discourage you. Utilize whatever study guides, tutors, or whatever that you need to succeed at accomplishing your goals and dreams. Good luck!
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    May I tell you that I too was not good at math. In HS I did not pass Algebra or any other math. I had to get tutoring and that didn't help. I knew since I was about 5 years old that I wanted to be a baby nurse. So I left NY moved to VA and 15 years out of school I decided that now was the time to stop being afraid and to give it a try.

    I know it was God because I bought the Algebra for dummies and I reviewed the math...not knowing if I really understood but I took my placement test for college and landed directly into the math that was needed to begin in the nursing program. I took algebra also and passed with a C :0). Chemistry did not make any sense to me but again by the grace of God I passed that with a C. I did well in Biology in HS so I did not have to take that in college.

    My advice if I can do it you can do it too. Just make sure you seek out tutoring early and hopefully you will have great professors that want to see you do well that will be able to teach you in a way that you will "get it". Good luck and don't let that be a hinderance to you... If it wasnt for a woman that I spoke to me on the phone at the college who bascially got upset with me (no she had not met me ever) because I told her that I wanted to be a nurse but was afraid to pursue it because of the math...I am living proof as an RN it can be done :0)
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    That's wonderful!!
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    I was horrible in math, but if you attend a community college, I recommend starting at the very bottom of math classes... I was also afraid to take all the science courses too, but found that I have a different attitude towards school after having kids... I am now in the nursing program, after 15+ years of college. I should have saved the money I borrowed on my undergrad and went straight to community college and gotten my pre-reqs over with a long time ago. good luck! take it slow, and start at the lowest level of math classes offered, and make sure to get a good teacher! they make all the difference! ratemyprofessor.com
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