Howard county general fellowship program

  1. Has anyone been contacted for an interview yet? I feel like I applied over a month ago and my application is still under review.

    I don't want to call since the application specifically says not to
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  3. by   i<3u
    I have not been contacted yet and understand how you feel about not's kinda frustrating. I guess we have no choice but to wait. Good luck!
  4. by   care52
    I applied in the end of April and haven't heard either. I'm wondering if they are waiting for the end of graduation season...
  5. by   bluedove1
    Has anyone heard from HCGH concerning your summer internship?
  6. by   arockingroupie
    They just implemented a new computer system so they aren't hiring very many nurses right now.
  7. by   IVPush33
    Hiring freeze. JHH has just lifted the freeze for the 1st quarter only of the next fiscal year. Look for departments to begin hiring again.
  8. by   Conservative Nurse
    Maryland is a very Liberal State. The Maryland Board Of Nursing is now paperless. They will no longer allow you to renew by mail. You have to renew on-line. You have to have an email address, you have to include your personal information including your social security number, you have to pay by credit card and they do not have a privacy policy. Your information is also shared with NCSBN. They too have all of your personal information shared by your Local State Board or Nursing.
    In Maryland a large portion of your license fee goes to the Obama Health Care Research. there is no way to opt out.
  9. by   Sugar Magnolia
    There are a whole bunch of fellowship listings posted right now. New grads are trained on all the med-surg units (regular, oncology, cardiac, ortho) and then "bid" on a unit that has an opening. They hire every February, July, and September. The educators and the support for the new grads is phenomenal.

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