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  1. Hello everyone. I know you all are getting sick of these posts, but I feel I have ran out of options. I wanted to know if anyone knew what home care, LTC, or ALF that hire New LPN's in Maryland or Northern Va. Ive filled out app after app with no luck. I sent out resumes and nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   ren3741LPN
    Guess my thread is not important.
  4. by   fashionistaRN
    Hello. Have you tried Gensis Healthcare. They are always hiring! And after you fill out an application call the recruiter and let her know you have applied. She's really nice. As well, some long term facilities you have to apply in person and then keep up on your status by calling frequently. But there are plenty of places that are hiring. You can also go to, put in your zip code and it will give you a list of Ltc, sub acute facilities in your surrounding area that you may have not known of and you can apply to those places as well. Good luck.
  5. by   ren3741LPN
    I did try Genesis they don't have anything for a new grad yet but I will use the site and apply to those facilities in person. Thank you so much.
  6. by   KimberlyRN89
    Sorry you are having a rough time I just finished my LPN program last week & I'm getting all my stuff together for the BON & NCSBN, but I've been keeping my eyes on the job outlook. It appears really really tight Have you tried going to any Manor Care facilities? They are all over the area, like Genesis..I'm not sure if they are hiring new grads, but when I get licensed I was thinking of applying to some of those facilities b/c that's where I did my med-surg clinicals for school. Also, this may seem silly but I follow a lot of health care accounts on Twitter, such as @DCMedicalJobs and @DChealthjobs . They provide links to different job ads that are posted on craiglist & . I saw a PT job posting today for a LPN in Falls Church and it looked like it wasn't requiring experience. Here is the link :LPN, Part-Time always has a bunch of job listings for LPNs. Be sure to check them out too. And finally, is having a career fair on April 4th @ Martin's Crosswinds. It's free, but I suggest getting there early b/c I went to a career fair @ Martin's West last October & was JAM PACKED! Print plenty of resumes, and put on your game face! I'm sure you can get some good info there..I believe some home health agencies & several nursing homes will be in attendance. Good luck !
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    @Kim-good luck on boards!!!
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    Quote from fashionistaRN
    @Kim-good luck on boards!!!
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    I would also try applying to LTC's that are out of your area if possiable and home care. My first job was 60 miles from home. So look in papers not locally and but with in a tristate area. I know there are some places on the Eastern shore that are hiring.
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    I recently completed my PN program in December and just got licensed this montjh. MD has really moved away from hiring LPNs, especially new grads, and especially in hospitals. Most hospitals are trying to get "Magnet Status" and for that they need to have a certain number of bachelor's prepared nurses. For this reason, I decided to do this online LPN-BS program at Indiana State University, it's fully acredited and recognized by the BON.
    Also, the places that did have a posting for an LPN position would e-mail me back after I applied saying "This posting is n longer available, or the position is on hold, etc." Right now, I work as a nurse extern at JHH, it's not LPN work, but it's still work. And the nurses on my unit allow me to do certain things to get my skills up to par for when I become a bachelors prepared nurse.

    Happy job hunting!!!
  11. by   ren3741LPN
    RN's have a hard time finding a job too just read some of these threads. Eventually jobs will want you to have your MSN because a BSN won't be good enough. So happy job hunting to you..
  12. by   Tootie88
    Yea, nothing is ever good enough. I've heard that NPs are going to have to need their doctorate soon.
    I want to do lab based research so I plan on getting a doctorate in genomic medicine. I'll be in school forever, but research is my passion.