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Hi ladies! I will (believing in prayer) be starting school in September in pursuit of my BSN. My goal is to move to Urbana and work at the NICU at FMH. I'm so excited because I just heard that FMH... Read More

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    Hi Simplyblessed,

    If you want to work at FMH or another major hospital I would recommend just going straight for your BSN. I am about to graduate from Towson University's BSN program but from the campus in hagerstown, md which is about 30 minutes from FMH. If you want to save money and stay in the urbana area I would do your pre-reqs at frederick community college then transfer to the Universities Systems of Maryland Building in Hagerstown so you can get your BSN from Towson. I'm not knocking the community college route but I think that if you want a better chance to get a job I would go to Towson because you will have your BSN. The teachers and students in Hagerstown are amazing and right now we have a 100% pass rate with the NCLEX.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi TUNurseStudent,

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! I'm actually in a BSN program, and will have it by the time we move down to Maryland. I didn't even know Towson had a program in Hagerstown, that's terrific!

    Thanks for the info.
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    Oh okay congrats to you too! Yeah I believe they have a masters nursing program as well if you wanted to continue on with your education later. Good luck!
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    I totally agree with you on staying local! My best friend just graduated in December and got a job in IMC before her graduation ceremony! She worked as a CNA years prior to going to school and worked as an LPN at FMH while in school. She told me the best thing to do is internship because that is what gives you experience when you don't have much which is exactly what I plan on doing. She did tell me that it's not always easy getting an interview at FMH which I hope isn't the case! Anyway, Good luck! It's nice seeing people research years out like I do! Haha
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    Hi TerpsGal02, any tips on interviewing at FMH? I scored an interview for Monday and from what little I can find on internet, they sound pretty tough! I bombed my only other interview and want to make sure I do a great job! Any advice is appreciated.

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