Does anyone know more information about the John Hopkins Winter Externship program?

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    I am interested in applying next year to help improve my resume and clinical experience. Any advice on how to get accepted?
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    Moving to MD forum for more answers.
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    What does that mean?
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    You had originally posted in a more general forum. By moving your post to the MD forum, you will find that posters who live in MD frequent that forum, thus giving you better answers.
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    O ok. Got thanks. Still learning about this site..
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    I am searching for the MD forum... what is it under?
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    I have no idea about the program really. I have been looking into externships over the summer and winter breaks as well. I looked at Bayview and UMMC so far. Everything you need to know should be on their website. Looks like at least a 3.0 and have your CNA license. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Let us know if you find anything out. This will be my first semester junior year so I have to wait until next semester to get into something like this since I won't have my CNA license until after this semeser.
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    Which state do you live in? I am also starting nursing school, and I am taking fundamentals of nursing that would qualify me to be a CNA (in theory). But in CA I am not automatically licensed. I would have to challenge the test through CA public health or take the test through Red Cross. I wished I was CNA certified after my first semester of nursing school. It would make sense..

    Yes, I will let you know if I hear anything else. I really want this externship... I need as much experience I can get.
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    I am in Maryland. Good luck to you. That's crazy that in CA you don't get your license after your first semester in the program.
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    No wonder the internship requires you to be CNA certified. Are you close to JH Hospital? Have you ever tried to call them/ or get a hold of them? That way you can find out the statistics of how many apps they get, how many they accept, etc. Then you would have a ball park where you stand.

    Good luck to you too!