Do I have a chance?

  1. Hey people. I don't remember anything more stressful than nursing school. I've been dropped but I've been putting in 110% to get back into the RN program. I even volunteered and I'm trying to get a letter of recommendation to be submitted with my appeal letter. I appealed once already and got denied and I can appeal one last time. My counselor was blown away of how committed I am to back into this program, especially when she heard the volunteering part. My appeal letter got denied but I got it revised completely. I've made appointments with all these nursing instructors to discuss how I can improve, attended study workshops, going to see a nursing tutor next week and plus I got an appointment with one of the nursing committee leaders. I'm going to show him my plan to do better. I got questions and answers to what he might ask. I got an nclex book to show him that this is what I'll be using to understand nclex questions. I discussed all my efforts with my counselor and she told me that she never seen anyone this committed. That gives me hope. I feel like I can't do anymore than what I'm already doing. If I can't win this appeal, there's nothing I can do because I've done all that I can. My last resort is to get my LPN, but the question is, will having that licience give me a better chance to get back in the RN program? Also, does anyone else have any suggestions that can help to win my appeal?
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  3. by   claritasd
    I don't have any suggestions, but it sounds like you're doing a fantastic job preparing. I really hope it goes in your favor - you're very dedicated!
  4. by   Nursing pursuit
    Thanks, I hope that the big boss will see that!