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  1. Hey guys. MHEC has posted the 2011-2012 transfer scholarship applications. If you are not in the know. The DSCCT is a highly competitive merit based scholarship for MD students that have 60 credits or an AA from a MD comm college. It's GPA based, regardless of need. The min to apply is a 3.0, but remember that the moolah goes to the students with the highest GPA's first and works it's way down. The last year my advisor had info on was 2008 where the cutoff was 3.93, but every year is different and since we need high grades to get into nursing programs anyways, I am sure alot of us are in the running for this 3k scholarship (I'd say a 3.7 and up has a good enough chance to make it worth while to spend the money on the official transcripts that are part of the app).

    Good luck!
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    So I really hope alot of you are taking a look at what I posted and checking it out without posting. As of 2008 (again the reports in edu are delayed, just like all reports) only 17 nursing students (out of 290) have obtained this scholarship, and I know we are a much stronger group then the student population as a whole, so please google MHEC and if you meet the requirements apply. You dont have to be done with your degree or 60 credits to apply, you just have to have one of those before August 1st. And of course have acceptance to an MD program (which I think might just be the hardest part of this application).

    Between this aid and the American Op Tax credit (the 1st 2k of edu expenses are refunded dollar for dollar and the next 2k are refunded 25 cents on the dollar), even students that have a high EFC can have a large chunk of their nursing education paid for.

    Again, best of luck to you all.
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    [quote=Student4_life;4734888]You dont have to be done with your degree or 60 credits to apply, you just have to have one of those before August 1st. /quote]
    thanks for posting this - but it seems that one has to have done 60 credits at a MD institution - or was i misreading it? I did about 15+ credits a community college before being accepted into UMB SON - I already had credits/degrees from other institutions. can you point me to where you found this info please?
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    Yeah it's 60 credits or an AA from a MD cc before august 1st.

    The website is http://www.mhec.maryland.gov/financi...prog_DSCCT.asp
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    Just bumping this up in hopes that it helps, 2nd easiest (first goes to UMB's merit scholarship that is automatically decided using the paperwork sent in for admissions) application for a $6,000 scholarship ever (3k the first year and another 3k assuming the student maintains a 3.0 GPA).
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    Today is the last day to get your application in (well March 1st is the deadline, but I never can tell if things have to be in before the deadline date or on the deadline date). You still have time to get a copy of your transcripts down to the Capital (I drove over 4 hours to turn mine in so no excuses). Again pre-nursing transfer students are under-repped for this award when you think about the grades we have to get just to get our application in the door.

    Good Luck
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    Not sure if anyone else ending up applying for this, but the Scholarship has been abolished by the General Assembly. Kind of upsetting that they waited to inform anyone until after scholarship season had ended, even more upsetting that they would pull a program with no notice (and its not even to save money, the funds are being re-distributed to need based aid not that I am against funding needs, but need aid is at 40 million and merit aid is at 300 thousand).

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