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Hey everyone! I am about to graduate nursing school in August with my BSN. I will be getting a TN license but I want to work in Baltimore. I have already submitted applications to positions at Sinai, Northwest, and UMMC. I... Read More

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    I really like it overall. I'm just knit-picking here but i would end it without the "next week".

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    Quote from holisticallyminded
    I worked as a temp in HR for the San Francisco Chronicle for a number of weeks years ago while I was in between jobs. I have absolutely no background in that field- I was a nutritionist. They had me (yes, a temp!) go through all of the resumes and cover letters and look ONLY for qualifications, which they spelled out for me. They weren't interested in cover letters at all. I piled all of what I thought they wanted on one side (printed some of these out via email) and stacked the others in a box that went straight to recycling. Then the HR woman went through the small pile of resumes/letters deemed worthy. She did this right in front of me before I went on to the next batch. She would pick them up, scan the resume, then scan the letter and make comments. This is what I heard, "Wow, over-confident." "Low self-esteem." "And you want to work here?" "No thanks." "Open salary? Get a spine!" Etc. She then narrowed them down to 2 or 3 and took them away, leaving the rest for the box. Now I will tell you absolutely that I actually read these things as I was sorting. Thought I'd get some ideas about what HR looked for. Sure this was a major newspaper, and you could say it was just a special thing, but I don't think so. What I saw again and again, was that this HR manager never took anything back with her that wasn't straightforward and to the point. "Interested in the position. Here are my qualifications. Please call me for interview." No fluff, no 4 paragraphs (in fact one or two was the usual). No groveling, no creativity, nothing but the basics. The why I am the one you want letter. So yes, I started using this method. And guess what? I have found over the last 15 years that it never fails. If I'm not getting a call, it is not because of my cover letter but because I don't have something the person of choosing wants. To boot, resumes are usually scanned and I can't tell you how many interview I've had where the interviewer hasn't even really looked at it! It's all a game. Good luck.
    This is extremely helpful. Thanks for posting!
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