Commute from DC to JHMI?

  1. I currently live in dc and plan to begin the Accelerated BSN program at JHU this spring. Is it feasible to commute from dc? I don't have a car, so I will have to rely on MARC or other forms of public transportation.
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  3. by   NoelleN
    I go to nursing school in DC and live in Baltimore, so I commute the opposite way & i would say that it's definately possible to do. However, it would, of course be easier to live in Baltimore, also probably cheaper and sometimes the Marc train has delays especially once the cold weather starts even if there is not bad wether. Doable, but would advise finding a place in MD : )
  4. by   toomanymc
    If you are taking the MARC it is doable but it will be a pain as the MARC train does not connect with the subway.

    I have a friend who lives north of Baltimore but only 2 miles from a MARC stop, he has to get up at 3:30am to make it to work. Your commute could easily be 2-3hrs each way.

    I would check out google maps to get an idea of the route you will have to take.

    Doable but exhausting, on the bright side you can use your time on the train to study
  5. by   NoelleN
    I do not think it will be so exhausting. I live in Towson and have to be to class by 8:30 everyday and have no problems if I catch the 7 AM train and things run on time. Plus, I do believe that the CAMDEN lMarc train line connects to the subway at Camden Yards, which would help
  6. by   toomanymc
    I was just thinking that since the orginal poster does not have a car that means they have to walk to the DC metro, take a train to the MARC (PENN or CAMDEN), take the MARC, catch the light rail, walk to the subway, take the subway to JHMI
    or take a series of buses from the MARC train to JHMI

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