ccbc online/hybrid vs day program

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    Hi- I am applying in Sept. 2013 for CCBC RN program. Not sure what the schedules are like for the online vs day program. (I realize the space is very limited for for the online program but am hoping to still have a 4.0 at application time, so I may go for it) I am wondering if this program allows a lot more flexibility. I realize I will have to be on campus for labs and I will be in the field for clinical study. Anyone here who has done either the online or the day program, please share what your schedule was like.
    Also I am just about equidistant from Essex and Catonsville. Is there any advantage to one campus over the other for nursing.

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    I just recently found out about the program and am seriously considering applying. I am a bit apprehensive though because I don't know anyone who's ever gone there or many details about the program. I have all the prereq. done, but have not taken the TEAS, which terrifies me because I graduated from high school years ago. I completed the CMA program at AACC and did fine, but I haven't studied math, chemistry, etc.... since high school. I have to hurry up and get my transcripts sent in along with taking the test, but I would really appreciate it if someone had any information or experience about the nursing program, especially the hybrid, but anything about the nursing program would help. I would also love to talk to you since we may end up in the same class (if I get accepted of course!)
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    Hi SuzyQ- did you ever decide if you are going to apply? I decided to apply to the online/hybrid as well as the essex day program. I am pretty sure I will get into essex day but the online program is more selective. I take the TEAS this summer. Am halfway through a&p1 and micro now.
    How long ago did you take anatomy 1 & 2 and micro? You should meet with an advisor at one of the campuses- they are really helpful.

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