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Hello Everyone, I am applying to the CCBC Essex nights and weekends program for the fall of 2012. I am hearing all the stories about those either getting in or rejected for the Spring day... Read More

  1. by   Djsage13
    It is a really competitive program but your grades are good. And with having such a high teas score that really helps. So what are you taking this semester?
  2. by   jmarston624
    This semester, I'm finishing A&P2, Psy104, and Soc101. Those are the last three classes I have left to finish for all the classes required to finish for the E/W program.
  3. by   Djsage13
    Is psych 104 human growth and development? Which math did you take?Question, can you view your application status online? Some of us who applied really can't view it.
  4. by   jmarston624
    Yes, Psy104 is Human Growth and Development. I think they are actually under different titles in CCBC and BCCC, but they are the same classes and I was told it would transfer to CCBC as the one that was needed for the program. I tried checking my application status online and I couldn't find it anywhere. When I went under applications, all it had was New application to choose from. I wonder if they are going to be posted back up there when the deadline actually hits and they don't have to wait for anymore applications. Did you speak to Gwen or a counselor before you applied?
  5. by   Djsage13
    Several of us called about seeing our application online and they told us that it was a glitch. So I guess you're in the same boat as us that we will just have to wait for the letters to come out in may to see if we're in or not. In the past you could see it ASAP online. So did you get your postcard yet?I've spoken with Gwen several times. She was a good resource to go to. I tell you one thing though that this wait is a killer. I also applied to Harford community college. I find out from them in April.
  6. by   jmarston624
    Yeah, I guess we will just have to wait. That sucks. Well hopefully you able to get into at least one program. That would be cool if you got into both and you had your choice, haha. How sweet would that be? Anyways, no, I din't get my card yet. I just applied on Wednesday last week so I'm sure it will be coming eventually. I guess we have to sit back and relax...
  7. by   Djsage13
    The whole waiting process blows. But what can you do. At least it's March though. Not too much longer. It would be great if I got into both programs...that would be ideal. We shall see. HCC only accepts 20 students and considering I didn't take my pre reqs there I doubt I'll get in but we'll see. HCC lays out their point system and shows you exactly how they evaluate their applicants. It's based off a 30 point system. CCBC, on the other hand, it somewhat secretive about how they go about their decision process. So why did you end up taking your pre reqs at BCCC instead of CCBC?

    You should be getting your postcard soon. That will tell you if they have received everything and that if you have met all the requirements.
  8. by   jmarston624
    Well, I started taking all my classes at BCCC because when I went back to school, that is where my husband was already going. My plan was to actually attend the nursing program there, but they make you jump through a lot of hoops. They make you actually finish the second half of anatomy and physiology before you can even apply. So I called the office and I asked the lady if I actually had to take a semester off before I could go into the program since I wouldn't be finishing A&PII until this semester and she told me yes. I thought it would be stupid and a waste of my time to wait. A girl that I went to A&PI with last semester is going into the nursing program also but said she would be transfering to CCBC. So I looked into it and decided it was a better option for me as well. I like the fact that CCBC doesn't make you completely finish the pre-reqs before applying; you can finish them and apply at the same time. Also, the night and weekend is the only option for me because I work fulltime and cannot afford to stop working to go to school during the day. BCCC only has Day programs. Even now, I take most of my classes online and on Saturday mornings.
  9. by   apina74
    hey Jen-
    I am here now on the feed!! my application is still not on the ccbc site. They say they are working on it (fixing the site issue). They got all transcripts, but of course, I can't see those either. (I had to call them and they looked everything up for me). so now just waiting, waiting.
  10. by   jmarston624
    Hey Allison, cool. Did you receive your card from CCBC this week? I just received mine yesterday (Wednesday) and it says that everything is okay, my application is being reviewed, and I should get a decision by mail by early May. It's gonna be crazy to wait that long. I think we might get decisions at the same time that A&P is over. It can't come fast enough...
  11. by   apina74
    I got a white card. I had to re-fax them my current schedule. so I prob. will not get the pink card until sometime next week. but I spoke with them, and everything is in now. The card said by mail? so I guess they fixed the glitches of people getting status on their Simon. at least all our stuff is in now.
  12. by   DanaM
    Hey There! I was in your micro class too and I applied for the N/W fall2012 program as well, I will agree this waiting is a would really stink to have to wait a whole year to apply again. Can you tell me if you've heard they won't accept you if you're enrolled in speech or math111 at the time ofto application but have all science and other prerequisites and gen ed completed?
  13. by   DanaM
    Hi Don! Hope all ia well just wanted to say hi. Good luck with everything.

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