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Hello Everyone, I am applying to the CCBC Essex nights and weekends program for the fall of 2012. I am hearing all the stories about those either getting in or rejected for the Spring day... Read More

  1. by   Djsage13
    How's dosage? You have to get like a 95% on the test to pass right?
  2. by   binnyblonde
    Hi Don! LOL! So your in? That is awesome!

    @Craig - I can't stand the thought of studying for that test again either. I was pretty much just told by someone who works at the school that proficient is proficient. From what I got out of it there is no difference between someone who scores a 58% or a 79%? To me there is a big difference between a 58% and a 79%. I don't get it. So unless you know you can score 80% or above it sounds like it wouldn't make a difference :0(

    She said most of the TEAS scores that come in are just marked as proficient.
  3. by   Djsage13
    I actually spoke with someone at SHP and she said the same thing. I agree there is a big difference between the two but that's how they do it. And Gwen said that of all the students that come through she sees very little exemplary and advanced and the majority are proficient. That's why I just went ahead and registered. When are you registering?
  4. by   binnyblonde
    I already applied too after finding that out. Gwen is who I spoke to too. It is what it is now. I either get in or I don't.

    I saw what you said in a prior post about your application not showing up? Mine did the same thing too. I called the special admissions office - or something like that - I don't remember what it is called :0) and the woman told me they got it. I still can't see it online either. Are you able to see yours yet???
  5. by   Djsage13
    Same thing, they have my application but I can't view it. Did they say why we can't view them? I wonder if it's because we are so early in the process. When did you register?And I hear you about it being what it is. It's out of my hands now and I'm just praying my grades are good enough.
  6. by   Don1968
    So have you finished up all the prereq classes now? I think if you have you should be a lock to get in. I'm looking to take my ENGL102 over the summer; then all my classes will be done for the AND. Then I need to squeeze in Stats, 2 semesters of chemistry, and Nutrition toward my BSN and maybe 1 more humanities. The dosage exam is 20 questions, so you can get 1 wrong.
  7. by   Djsage13
    How did you get into nursing school without taking Eng 102? I was going to take classes towards my BSN because I am finished all my pre reqs but I decided to take the semester off. I already have stats so I just need to take 2 semesters of chem and nutrition.

    I feel that my grades are strong enough to get in. I feel very confident with the grades, the only thing that raises concern for me is my teas but I feel as though I should be good. But I know I am going to be freaking out until May. I've worked my tail off to get here and I just want to see that acceptance letter.

    I can't imagine how excited you must have been when you found out that you were in. That had to be a great b-day present after thinking you were not in.
  8. by   binnyblonde
    When I called she told me why I couldn't view it yet - It has something to do with whatever they have to do with them on their end... and it did sound partly due to it was so early - If that makes any sense to you at all. LOL! I guess they have other things to do with them before we can view our status? That's what it sounded like.
  9. by   Djsage13
    So I am assuming that until they start reviewing them we won't see them on Simon...that's just torture. Did you apply anywhere else?
  10. by   binnyblonde
    No - did you? I really can't given my schedule. It just wouldn't work trying to get to the further away colleges during rush hour. I am hoping and praying I can get into Essex :0)
  11. by   Djsage13
    I applied to Harford Community College but that is even harder to get into because they only accept 20 students vs. the 40 at CCBC. Plus they start at the end of May and you're finished the following August. I much prefer CCBC. Even if I were to get in I would wait to see about CCBC. I am right there with you. I am definitely hoping and praying.

    Did you have the evening or day lab with Meise? Where did you sit?
  12. by   binnyblonde
    Wow - Hartford only accepts 20 students? That sounds near impossible! Hopefully one of them pull through for you :0)

    I had the evening lab. Which one were you in? During the lab I was up front in Don's row but all the way to the left.
  13. by   Djsage13
    Now I know who you are! LOL We always talked after the exams. I was on the right side of the lab 2nd row.

    And yes, 20 students is ridiculous. Especially when they give special considerations to those who took their pre reqs there. They go by a point system and you literally get a point if you took your classes there. So I am not too optimistic about HCC. I just thought what the hell, might as well.

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