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Hi everyone, I received my acceptence letter from BCCC on last Saturday... Has anyone attended the program at BCCC? And if so what is your impression of it... Thanks and have a wonderful... Read More

  1. by   2bAngilRN
    I appreciate your input. It was very timely. I already have my class assignments and my med calc teacher is Ms. Carter!! I didn't have to find her. They gave her to me, lol! This is very comforting to know.
  2. by   patty554
    Just wondering how you like the program so far? How is is going? I am a bit overwhelmed with med/surg its very difficult....ugh
    let me know if I can help you.

  3. by   2bAngilRN
    Hey Patty. Im doing fine so far. I REALLY appreciate you asking It is definitely an eye opener. Totally different from prerequisites. I hope all things are well with you too. Hang in there! I do have a question to ask. Is there anything you can tell me about Professor Hall as a clinical instructor? How is she? What are her pet peeves? How many care plans does she require? Anything?! LOL. Same thing for Ms. Remi? I have Ms. Remi as my clinical instructor but I am thinking about switching sites where Professor Hall is the instructor. Please let me know. Also, how are clinicals? Is it a crazy experience where the instructors expect you to know everything and not teach or is it more a show and demonstrate, similar to lab? Thanks
  4. by   patty554
    I would stick with Ms Remi, she is probably the only reason I passed the exams. She gives you a lot of important information and will help you. Harbor has a diverse population of patients, ranging from HIV to Resp care. I learned a lot from her, I am not sure about Mrs. Hall. I know she was not happy with her site last semester don't know where she is this semester
  5. by   2bAngilRN
    Ok. What about Ms. Carter as a clinical instructor?
  6. by   patty554
    I really don't know how she is as an clinical instructor but I know I learned a lot from her lectures...Is there some reason why you don't want Ms Remi? She was an amazing instructor, we All passed every exam, because she lectures you on the content before the lecture, she will tell you what to focus on, She has a lot of knowledge and she wants you to pass so she will help you however you need it. I loved her I wish I could have her this semester
  7. by   2bAngilRN
    I love Ms. Remi! She is very thorough and informative. Its not her but the clinical site that I am not interested in. I was able to switch and Professor Carter let me in her group.
  8. by   rngraduate2014
    After reading this I really cant wait to get my final letter. Im a nervous wreck. Patience is not my strong suit
  9. by   drayfield
    Did you pass the Math class?
  10. by   patty554
    I did pass I am getting ready to take Peds/Ob any psych....Did you have trouble?