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Applying for licensure in another state

  1. 0 My girlfriend has just accepted a job in Washington DC and I would like to move with her. This means either seeking employment in Maryland, DC, or Virginia. My question is, should I apply and obtain the state's license where I intend to apply, before I apply to jobs in those states and districts? I will most likely only apply in Virginia and DC, since I would prefer to live on the Virginia side of DC (much cheaper). Will having my license for the districts aid in making me a more desirable candidate, as opposed to applying with my current Pennsylvania license?
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    Maryland and Virginia are both compact states. If you get a nursing license in one of those states (and live in that state), you can work in both states. Washington DC is a separate license. I would apply for the DC license, and maybe a license in the state you plan on moving to (if Maryland or Virginia). If you guys live in DC, you'll need a separate license for both Maryland and Virginia (they are only "compact" if you live in the state).

    And, yes, it is definitely preferable to have a valid license for the jobs you are applying for. Almost all of the jobs will ask if you have a current license valid in that state.

    It may take a month (maybe more) to get licenses in the states. Maryland and DC both want fingerprints and criminal background checks. I'm not sure about Virginia (but I'd assume they do).