Is anyone applying to or has been accepted to AACC Spring 2013 program - page 3

I just submitted my application yesterday to the RN program at AACC. I was just wondering if anyone else has submitted theirs and how long it took for them to hear back. I am so anxious! I hate waiting!... Read More

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    @courtney972: I did my immunizations at Glen Burnie Health Center. They were very nice. You just have to give a donation ($5), there is one in Annapolis called Parole Health Center. I have not find a place to get my titers done yet and I'm getting nervous because I can't get my physical done until I have all my vaccines :/

    @Keppar: Where can you check the background?

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    Just go to the site that you did the background check and I think you just put your information in and it will show you the report.
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    oh ok, I did that already, so does the school get that information, right? or do we have to send it to them?
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    I am pretty sure they get it. WE can ask at the orientation to double check.
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    I've found this site to get titers done but I'm kinda curious if anyones used this company before LabTest MD Immunization Panel
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    Why dont you get the shots instead? Titers are sooo expensive!
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    did you have to make an appointment with them at the center for the vaccines? I just need a TB test, tetanus shot and I'm not sure what to do about the varicella one because I know I had chickenpox as a kid but I have no record of a vaccine and the vaccine requires 2 shots 4 weeks apart.
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    Ok, so for your TB test you have to go to the school, they would do it for 5 box (you have to have this one done first) and you need an appointment. After that I went to Glen Burnie Health Center or you can go to Parole Health Center in Annapolis, it's free and no appointment necessary.
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    i just took the rest of my vaccines, I went to parole health center, if you are trying to get your PPD go to 1st medical mayo road edgewater, you don't need an appointment it was really fast, now for the titer i am going to the place they have printed in the paper they gave it to us
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    :O tomorrow orientation!!!!!

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