Anne Arundel Medical Center

  1. Anyone have any experience with this hospital? Looking for info on area as well as hospital!

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  3. by   JQGRN
    AAMC is in a good area and they keep adding on to their very new facility. They switched totally to computers a little over a year ago so it can be challenging to get orders or to do something quickly in an emergency. The whole hospital is kind of impersonal now. No phone calls to other dept. everything on the computer. Most units have their RN's work every other weekend and 3 holidays a year. They hospital also frequently asks their employees to donate money so they can continue to expand, but have put raises on hold. I left after a year, but some people really seem to like it Hope this helps.
  4. by   LylaRae
    It's a beautiful facility. It's a community hospital, not a trauma center.....anything complex is usually flown out. The new ED and Peds unit still seem to be ironing out the glitches of it's recent move and remodel. They have great tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs. Raises and 401K contributions have been reinstated but it was a total slap in the face to take them away in order to pay for a $420 million expansion, morale was in the toilet then but things seem to be looking up. Annapolis is a great place to live, 30 mins from DC and Balto, about 2hrs from the beach. PM me if you need more info, I've worked there for many years.
  5. by   SiennaGreen
    I am a new grad there, and so far have truly enjoyed the experiance. I know it depends on unit, but the beginning pay was as good as some DC hospitals, and better than many of the university hospitals. It also happens to be a mile from my house- which helps. The area is gorgeous, if you don't mind the heat and humidity in the summer. I don't think the benefits are as great as some other places. it depends on what you're after. If you're intending to pursue advanced education, UMD has a great set up with tuition reimbursement at thier school.

    Truth be told, in this economy and as a new wasn't like I had a lot of choices. I was happy to get a job offer, and honestly; I have enjoyed it thus far.
  6. by   Going to B RN...
    I was also wonder about this hospital? I wanted to know how it was to work in the ER as opposed to the OR, because i got called in for an interview for both departments. I am an ER tech at another hospital and ready for change... also if any of you all knew... do you know the difference in pay also?
  7. by   sledinapeske
    Hi SiennaGreen,

    I am also a new grad and just applied to Anne Arundel. Which unit do you work at?
  8. by   Pokytrokyt
    Quote from sledinapeske
    Hi SiennaGreen,

    I am also a new grad and just applied to Anne Arundel.
    Yeah, I've been watching their web site and saw that they've posted a new grad job in the NICU. Not my area of interest, but maybe there'll be new grad openings posted in other units, too <?> I'd like to work in Oncology or even Med/Surg.