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  1. 0 So i got my letter today and they have me on the waiting list. Does this mean there is a good chance that i might get in? I really hope so. Either way i am getting my health examination, CPR, and Criminal background check done as early as possible just in case. If anyone has information plese let me know i feel so close yet so far away right now. Thanks and congrats to the people who did make it in.
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    I know for the GNA and PCT program if you don't have you background check, health examination and have you CPR card or Have a date for when you will take the CPR class you will be put on a wait list. I was told for them to tell you that you are accpected you have to have everything completed.
    Hope this helps!
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    What was your GPA? I am applying for the spring and wanted to see where i would fal. Mine is a 3.8. thanks
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    Mines a 3.8 also. Good luck!
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    SO did you guys get in with a 3.8? I have a 3.62 and submitted my app for Sprin 2011

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