AACC Spring 2012 hopefuls?

  1. Hello fellow MD nurses!
    I'm just looking to see if there are any prospective Spring 2012 students at AACC? I'm finishing up A&P2 this summer and will be putting my application in in the fall. Anyone take the TEAS yet? Any advice? I'll probably take mine in August when I'm done with classes so I can focus on studying for that as opposed to my other classes.
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  3. by   klstaley
    I too am applying for the Spring 2012 RN program at AACC. I am finishing up Human Biology 2 this summer and will be turning in my application as soon as the class is over. I just took the TEAS V exam yesterday and got my score back today. My adjusted individual score was a 77.3% and it was Proficient which is what we need to get into the Nursing program. I didn't really study for it at all, I just took the online practice assessments that I purchased along with the book.

    Has anyone heard much about the hybrid program. I am really hoping to get into that so my husband and I don't have to find daycare for our kids. On the application it says there are only 16 seats and it's first come first serve. I am wondering if by mid-July when I turn my application in if there will still be seats open for it? I hope so!

    Good luck to everyone that will be applying!
  4. by   AprilAnney
    I saw that about the hybrid program- although I had been told previously that it was given to students with higher GPA/test scores. It puts me at a disadvantage because I won't be finished A&P 2 until August and then taking TEAS V afterwards, so I won't be submitting my application until mid-August at the earliest.

    Although, a friend of mine who recently completed the nursing program said that it's best to interact with your professors for the first semester in-person and in the classroom because it's a completely different style of learning and testing. She said after that, hybrid classes are beneficial for people with good time management skills. I'm in the same boat as you- my husband and I have a delicate work/school schedule right now that allows for one of us to be home with our kids at all times (although, my oldest will be starting kindergarten YIKES in the fall, so that will be less of an issue). So far, we've managed to work both of our work schedules around my school schedule- but I'm concerned that I'll need to be on campus more with the nursing program than I have in the past (only went on campus for classes that weren't offered online).

    Best of luck with the application- hope to see you in the spring 2012 class!
  5. by   BCicalaRN
    Hi there,

    I am currently in the nursing program at AACC going into my second semester and I am in the hybrid program. I LOVE IT! It was the only option for me to be able to go back to school after having my son and still needing to work. There are 16 slots in the hybrid program and they split us into two groups of 8 for labs and clinicals. It makes the entire experience more intimate and I have formed life long friendships with my fellow nursing students as well as an AWESOME study group! They have completely changed how they are accepting students both into the program and into the hybrid section, so I am not sure what to tell you about your chances of getting into hybrid. Last semester was the very first semester they started this- we are kinda the guinea pigs! And they chose the top 16 GPAs to be in it. However, they did say that this time around they may base it off of the TEAS exam score (just rumor-not sure if true). I have alwasy done well in online courses and I like being able to move at my own pace. It's hybrid, so you still meet once or twice a wekk with your group and have labs and then on the weekends you have clinical. The first semester you meet twice a week in the evenings from like 5-8pm and then have clinicals from 7-2 on Sat and Sun. The exams were on Monday mornings but they have since changed that so that exams are in the evenings as well to better accomidadte a night and weekend program! This semester it appears that we only have one lab class the first week of classes and then the rest is evening exams and clinicals.

    It is a self-directed program, you have to be motivated enough to do the necessary work on your own, or you will not do well. However, it seemed this past semester that the hybrid students preformed at the same level or even above that of the on-ground students- so it just matters what you feel better doing. We had to attend one class on-groud and I was trying not to fall asleep! ahh it was aweful and all they did was read the power points. But some students will just be on ground and not have any other option.

    Nursing school is what you make of it anyway and you have to put the work in. Belive me, even if you go to on-groud traditional classes you will still have to come home and study and read., If you are online, you have to do the same you are just having class on your own time.

    Good luck to you both and if you have any other questions feel free to ask!
  6. by   BCicalaRN
    also quick note- if you are in the traditional on-ground class you will have class M-T 8am-4pm (there were not classes on Fridays, although that could change, but it seems to be have been consistent the past few years)
  7. by   klstaley
    I got my application for the Spring 2012 RN Program turned in last Friday. Now I get to play the waiting game, I really hope I get into the Hybrid program or regular day program!
  8. by   Nicole89519
    I applied for Spring 2012 as well. I took the TEAS V July 22nd and I got a 78.7 which put me in the advanced preparedness level (which completely surprised me). The only advise I have is to purchase the online tests with the ATI study guide, you can take them as many times as you want plus it doubles the amount of practice tests you have. On a side note when I turned in my application on July 25th only six other people had turned in their application, at least for the month of July. And I was told that spots are going to be filled on first come first serve basis for the whole program so I am hoping my chances of getting in are good. Good luck to everyone applying!
  9. by   AprilAnney
    Slots are being filled on a first come first served basis?!
    I haven't even finished A&P 2 yet, so I can't put my application in.
    I was under the impression that they get all the applications together after Sept. 15 and choose from there.
  10. by   AprilAnney
    Quote from I<3peds
    also quick note- if you are in the traditional on-ground class you will have class M-T 8am-4pm (there were not classes on Fridays, although that could change, but it seems to be have been consistent the past few years)

    Is that class time including clinical time?
  11. by   Nicole89519
    That's what I thought too so when I didnt get in for the Fall semester (cut off was a 3.4 GPA which is unusually high) I freaked out wanting to bring my GPA up and retook my only C class. Then I went in to talk to Mrs. Hubbard to make sure I had everything I needed to reapply. She informed me that its basically non-competitive with the exception of how fast you get your application in. She even went as far as to tell me to drop my class even though it was past drop date and I might lose my financial aid. She also said a 2.5 GPA is the same as a 4.0 with the new application process. However I am guessing not many people know this, I sure didn't, so there will probably be a big rush when the deadline is nearing where most of the people will put their applications in. I mean there were not many signatures in the binder in FLRS 306B when I turned my application in... So if your still planning on taking the TEAS V in August I'm sure if you turn your application in as soon as you get your results you will be fine. One other thing just to put this out there, if you printed the application off when they first posted it they did change one thing they now request your ATI results printed out and handed in with your application.
  12. by   AprilAnney
    I just printed out a new application and saw that difference...
    With this change, it means that someone with a 2.5 in the prereqs and a 2.0 overall can get in the class before me so long as they have their application in before me. You're right that it's no longer competitive & I don't like that. This frustrates me- A LOT. More than a lot. I had this conversation with a few classmates today. Why bother busting my hump to keep my 4.0 when it's now only a race to see who can get their application in first instead of who has more academic merit.

    I've started looking in to other options and I'm going to apply to a few other nursing schools where I can get my BSN in the same amount of time it'll take me to get me ADN from AACC (I have 5 semesters worth of classes that I took at University of Delaware back in 2000-2003). I just need to take a Stat class and Nutrition class (already registered for them for Fall 2011 @ AACC) and I can put my application in at a few other 4 year schools for their Spring 2012 class.
  13. by   LexiG
    I was just reading through this thread for the first time tonight. My husband is going to be transferred to MD in the next year (I am plowing through pre reqs out here in CA) so have started casually researching schools out there. I don't like that it's not competative! That makes me nervous. Any suggestions on other schools out there?
  14. by   DeepDimples
    Well I just looked at the website and it stated that for spring 2012 there is a deadline of sept. 15 and ANY SEMESTER AFTER SPRING 2012 WILL BE ON ROLLING ADMISSION... So there is still a deadline and competitiveness for the the spring semester.. starting fall 2012 is the rolling admissions..

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