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nursing school is really getting me down. i know its only temporary, but I feel like i'm gasping for air. I'm struggling to prepare for exams, stressed, frustrated, etc. Today I talked to a friend who makes 70k a year working... Read More

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    Quote from fjrobinson44
    Depends on your mindset dude. I'm the guy who makes good money to sit around and do nothing important all day and it drives me insane. I need to get on my feet and do something important and stimulating with my 40 hours a week. If you long to be that guy who sits on his ass with little human contact, then yeah maybe you should get out of the nursing field.
    We must admit that sitting on your bum racking in a fat pay check is nice. I had people lined up to take that job when I quit. For a while I loved it, but eventually I hated it. I'm sure after a few years of working like the others that I'll be wanting that lazy job back for a while. I'm sure you will too.

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    Doubtful. I'm not a lazy person, which is why it doesn't fit.
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    Quote from fjrobinson44
    Doubtful. I'm not a lazy person, which is why it doesn't fit.
    Am I lazy? I don't know. I like to accomplish things and I workout a lot. Other than that I like my down time these days.
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    You're young. Go work in the refinery for a while. You can always return to nursing.

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