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I just had a really ****** night where I was mocked for going to school to be a nurse. I can't explain how frustrated and ******* ****** off I get when people mock me for my decision to be a nurse... Read More

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    I went out for dinner with old friends from high school and they know that I am in my final year of nursing. I've told them from the start that I was going to become a registered nurse after high school. One of them who is studying computer science and programming decided to try and mock me inside a restaurant while we were eating. He said things like "when I get old, you can do my bed bath hahaha, I'm going to call over the intercom and ask for you directly to do my bed bath". I was so furious because not only this was not appropriate for a restaurant conversation but, he just insulted me. I confronted him right there and then. I told him, to learn some respect and to shut the Bird up. I literally put him right there in his spot and told him to walk home because I was the one who drove to the restaurant. He didn't laugh after that. Not only am I the only one who is graduating after four years of university but, I am also the only one with a girlfriend, a high paying and stable job and also I have a brand new spanking car. Seriously we need to reinforce to everyone that we are males nurses. If you're a nurse wear that title on your sleeve. Being a nurse is a wonderful title to hold. If you don't the respect that you deserve... Fight for it, don't take anyone's crap. It was tough getting through nursing school as it is. Don't let anyone step over you, judge you or underestimate you. Everyone man the "bird" up and be proud of who and what you are. No one will ever walk over me and talk crap about me because I am a male nurse.
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    Had a lot of friends make fun of me and they became cops, they are now in nursing school after not getting a job.... Im a neurosurgical icu nurse engaged to another hot nurse with our own house. I have life by the balls and its all because when I was in seventh grade thats what I wanted to do. I wish nothing but the best for you, roll it off.
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    I would ignore them, there are a lot of male nurses around who are just as amazing in their work than any other person. I once had a student in my class who complained about the same thing to a clinical nurse instructor and the instructor commented saying that when it comes to people who mock you for being a nurse just because you are a guy then there are two things to remember, 1. you will most likely get paid more than them and 02. a nurse saves people's lives everyday! Definitely keep moving forward. (plus being a male nurse definitely interest the ladies more )
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    keep on rollin'!
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    This is part of it. Some belittle us, but they need us. Have you seen the movie Girl Interrupted? She calls the nurse played by Whoopi Goldberg a "lowly little nurse maid", but that character is her source of strength throughout the movie.
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    Do this:
    Take a good look at them (up and down, then up and down again) and say, "Yep, you look like the type that comes into the ER who 'fell' onto that large bottle"
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    I worked as a CNA for a while. Took a better paying job though until I can finish school. Anyway, the way I handled people mocking me was usually just to ignore it. Most of it was just not even worth getting in to an argument about it.

    There was one time, however, that I was going to give a male patient a bed bath, and his son called me an effing ******.
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    Crap didnt meant to hit send... Anyway, he basically said i was gay for doing that. I walked over, handed him the sponge and said be my guest. Dont miss the nooks and crannys. Lol i probably could have handled it better, but I just needed to distance myself from that guy before I karate chopped his aorta.

    But my best advice would be to just develop a thicker skin and brush it off. Most of the time it isnt even worth your breath to say something.
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    Look 'em straight in the eye and say, "non-exempt at $50/hr and a defined-benefit pension." If they're not an idiot, that will shut them up.
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    Jealousy is an evil monster. Kill them with kindness.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    Just smile, get in your BMW and drive home.
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    i dont give a fuuu
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    Quote from nyrn310
    i dont give a fuuu
    Lol, to put it nicely

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