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  1. 0 I started my senior year practicum in a NICU and here is an observation after 100 hours completed. It feels weird listening to all the private conversations nurses have infront of patients and/or family. Some topics are totally not right. Especially, when the subject is nude pictures of di**s and breast sizes. As a guy, when the group conversations go to subjects that as a guy I problably should not comment on, what should i do when I am right there in the group? Much like many here, I am the only guy among a sea of women RNs and MDs. Any suggestions.

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    The thing to do is to not say anything, or to even smile or laugh when they are talking about these things. Stay focused on the patients. Whenever the topic of discussion changes to something off-color either don't say anything and discretely excuse yourself or grab a chart and start reading--- whatever it takes to get yourself out of it. After you do it enough times they will realize that you don't appreciate the behavior, and they will likely stop doing it while you are around.

    If they ask why you never have anything to say when they are talking about these things, say that this type of language and conversation makes you feel uncomfortable and that you don't believe it is appropriate for you to participate in it. If that doesn't make them realize how unprofessional they are then nothing will.

    These people really don't have enough work to do or they wouldn't be talking about sexual stuff while on the job.
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    What he said.....

    When stuff like that comes up, I shrug it off and stay busy.....

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    if you don't like what you hear, walk away...

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