Were are you going to work when you graduate??? Were are you going to work when you graduate??? - pg.2 | allnurses

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Were are you going to work when you graduate??? - page 2

As I sure you guys know, graduation is right around the corner! Have you started interviewing or applying places? I just got excepted into a critical care internship in a Trauma/Surgical ICU.... Read More

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    Quote from swansonplace
    I am 51, and have just finished up. I was thinking about med surg/ortho or nursing infomatics. Was wondering if anyone knows of good or in demand areas for over 50 nurses on new careers. Not the er or acute care settings for now.
    Ever considered peds? I'm yet to have my clinical in that area but I'm thinking working with kids might be cool. I got kids of my own and they seem to make easier patients than the wife. On a serious note, after getting some experience I think teaching is the way to go. Nursing is way short of male professors.
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    Teaching I think is very much needed, and may not be biased against 51+ years. Just need a masters for that.
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    I want to work in NICU or Pediatric. I enjoy handling babies