stimulants for night shift??

  1. Currently I am prescribed Ritalin for ADD. Being a stimulant, it obviously has effects on alertness/'awakeness' and the like. If I were to work the night shift when I graduate, would taking Ritalin to stay focused and alert throughout the night be incredibly harmful/addicting? illegal?
    Any input you guys have would be great!
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  3. by   spider11
    Why would it be any different than taking it during the day??
  4. by   ChesterMcE89
    well my thinking is that when I take it during the day I'm not fighting sleepiness or fatigue, although at night there is a certain level of drowsiness to overcome. So i guess what I'm wondering is there a huge difference between taking ADD meds during the day (to stay focused) and taking them during the night (to overcome drowsiness) maybe I'm highly over thinking this.
  5. by   deadheadred
    o yeah you're right, you are over thinking it. chances are, just coming out of nursing school, you'll be working the nightshift as you'll be a new hire and therefore your normal day will be night and vice versa. if you take your meds for a genuine diagnosis, as i do for adhd, and the meds don't impede your ability to provide safe and quality care for your patients, there is absolutely nothing wrong or unethical about it...period, enda story!
  6. by   That Guy
    Work nights enough and your night becomes day and you really dont have to fight of the sleepyness. I know when i took adderall it kept me up heart thumping like a jackhammer on 11. I hope it doesnt have that same effect with you!
  7. by   Meriwhen
    When I worked nights--not in nursing--I found that keeping my schedule consistent all week long was more effective in keeping me going at work than any stimulant. It's when you try to live both day and night schedules that your body begins to suffer and staying up all night (or day) becomes difficult.

    I don't know anything about Adderall though, sorry