Scholarships For African American Male Student

  1. Hello Everyone!!! I am a Black male looking for scholarships to continue my education. I have completed my first year of my pre-req at Sinclair. I am transferring to Wright state In the Fall and need help with covering the 15-17000 dollar expense. Thanks For All of your Help

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  3. by   czyja
    Have you talked to the financial aid people at wright state? I don't know of any specific scholarships but it would not surprise me if they are out there. At my school they have excellent info on this sort of thing for us.
  4. by   roscopeeco
    are you trying to get a scholarship based on your academic performance or your minority status?
  5. by   MrChicagoRN
    Blatant steal from another thread:

    Quote from Mission
    "Students will be eligible for the Robert Wood Johnson GEM scholarships if they are African-American, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian or male (groups underrepresented in nursing) or from disadvantaged backgrounds."
    ■Are from groups that are underrepresented in nursing (men and minorities) or from an economically-disadvantaged background
    "*Underrepresented Groups in Nursing (minority and male students)"
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  7. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Each year the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has awards 30-4 universities New Careers in Nursing scholarships to award to minority nursing students (including men). However, these are only for second degree nursing students (ABSN or Direst Entry MSN students). The list of schools with NCIN awards varies from year to year, so look at
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