PLS help a newbie !!!

  1. Hi there,

    Im interested in becoming a nurse but have no clue as in where to start, i am goin to see a counselor at my community college here soon, but i want some info or headsup before goin into the counselors office so i dont look like a lost puppy or someone who looks like an idiot hehehehe. Ive read a little, so whats the steps from beginning to end ?? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Heres what i got so far, hmmmmm ................. go to school and grad, but what do i take ? hehehehe (see im clueless) then take the boards ? whats a board ? im sorry. you see how hopeless i am can someone fill me in as i dont wanna look like a fool in the counselors office like i am here. hehehehe

    take care

    Ooops forgot to introduce myself as this is my first post here, im 24 i live in hawaii im now a cashier (i know sad ya) and plan to attend college next semester to work my way towards a nurse. any questions feel free to email me. take care :-p
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  3. by   Daytonite
    here are links to two websites that have all kinds of information about nursing for those who are considering it as a career choice.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Sounds like you're off to a good start with those links! Just wanted to wish you good luck.

    By the way, the NCLEX exam is the final licensure test we take to become a nurse after finishing school. Some people refer to the NCLEX as the boards.
  5. by   RussA

    Howzit! What island are you from? What college were you planning to attend? I'm originally from Wahiawa, Oahu, but currently reside on the mainland.

    Don't know if you already met with counselor, but if you did - that's great. Just wanted to say Hi!, since I noticed you're from Hawaii.

    The last time I was back home was 7 years ago, but I got to see my mom/brothers when we all madee our way to Las Vegas.

    Good Luck - nursing is a great profession.
  6. by   ky2006hopeful
    The discover nursing link that Datonite posted is where I got most of my background info. The only thing that I would add is that the students in my class that had absolutely no medical experience have done just fine. After the first course you really couldn't tell much difference between us.

    Give it a shot and good luck.

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