In nursing school clinical did you experience discrimination / bias from instructor? - page 4

Hey guys, So I am an older male nursing student and I just failed a clinical course in pediatrics. Prior to this course I had great grades and very good clinical evaluations. Because this was a semester course and the Peds... Read More

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    Well said biltz. Observations frequently posted here and on other nursing sites. "Don't rocketh the nursing school boat", words to live by until degree in hand, license in hand, and first job a fact, not a dream.

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    Do you know which accreditation agency I could go to? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think it is safe to say which school you are talking about. Can you tell me if it is University of Colorado, CON? The school has contacted the Department of Education and want to settle. I am not scared of them at all. I will keep on going until I see some results. I am doing this to pave the way for other future male and minorities nursing students. I know, my other classmates will not talk because they are coward, which is why the nursing culture continues to be the same "nurse eat their young." Sad.

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