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Hello everyone, I just signed up here because I am starting a LPN program at my local career technology center. I was just accepted last week and classes start in December. I absolutely cannot wait, I've been waiting for this for... Read More

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    I personally thought the Incredibly Easy books would make harder to understand topics easier, but found they left out a lot of info, just my experience. I used one of there books to study for NCLEX and ended up buying another bc it skipped stuff I felt.... Something I found really usful as a new grad (since you will be graduating in a few months- congrats, its a long road, but you did it! I dont know where you live but we have ONE Barnes and Noble in the whole state, but one day when I went in, I saw these little "pocket" books that where quick referance guides to common s/s, p/a, pharm, disease, how to write notes (which came in handy, I have been subpenoed twice for past patients- not my misdoings, but on the MD part.... I look back and thank God I used the note guide bc when you have to recall a patient from 5-6 years prior, they start to blur!
    I agree with what you said about what kind of learner... I have severe ADD, and as you probably know, people with ADD cannot get out of their own way sometimes But identifying this as an issue, I bought a book that outlined how to attend college with ADD, and the tips where all excellent. One big one for me is sitting through lectures over 45 minutes-1 hr or longer, my mind just started to spin... So I take back what I said about not taping lectures, bc I remember that I did for a few classes (Micro, Patho 1 and 2, M/S) and I would relisten to the lecture slowlly, like break it up into 4 fifteen minute blocks, and review my notes, look up terms I was unsure of etc.... and I swear I went from being someone who misplaces their own to-do book, planner, organizer etc... to having a really easier time understanding and retaining info... I know we are different learners, and not everyone has ADD, but this method of reviewing and studying would really work for anyone, we all have a shut off point, so the breif stints worked really well.
    OMG, I do sorta disagree but not really with one thing... I certainly got to know everyone, one male student out of a class of 120, something tells me that every other student knew there was something different about me But, on the advice of another nursing student, I made fast friends with two other students who I identified as having some stuff in common, and the three of of stuck together through the entire 4 years like glue, not letting the other fail, forget, you know what I mean... It paid off, bc we ranked 1, 2 and 4 in the class at graduation, at pinning they called us onto stage to point this out (me an ADD student was Salutorian) I would have been happy passing!
    Lastly, have you been offered any scholarship or grant money for being a male in nursing, HRSA is handing out all of this money, but I have yet to hear of someone actually benefiting from it, schools are getting like 700k, 900k, 2 mil to increase diversity.... I am working on DNP now and when I was not singled out, I was shocked (tri-racial, gay, single father, RN, work in rural, Ashkenazi Jewish decent, entering a high need speciatly--- If you read the criteria, it reads like what I just wrote.... just curious)

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    I agree that the incredibly easy books leave out something's. I bought them with the intention that they could give me the "meat and potatoes" of hard concepts. As far as that's concerned the book has more than served it's purpose. The incredibly easy books work well, I think, if you use them to get a general overview of an issue and then use your text book and lecture to fill in the gaps. I purchased the Mosby's PDQ for the RN (a pocket size reference book) I agree that it is helpful, especially during my first semester with lab and assessment pieces. @Kacsper: As of now, I have not received and "diversity" money or scholarships. Lolz! I wish I did!
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    Dude, where you aware of this scholarship stuff, I just found out about it so it is sorta rocking the boat for me... you should look it up, at your school... Id question why you where not given any preference for the funds, since it specifically states diversity : bla bla bla reasons, MALES, and your a dude so, that makes you eligible....
    And ditto, I agree with you "meat and potatoes" actually, the way you described how you use them, is how I did it too... I just felt they left out details, but your right, "meat and potatoes"!

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