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    Hi fellas,

    My name is brian, i'm finishing up my prereqs this year and will be applying to nursing school for the fall. I really want to get connected with other guys in the field that are in programs or applying for programs.

    About me: I am passionate about nursing and the nursing field. My desire is to work in Critical Care or NICU(which are two totally different extremes). I love working out and staying in shape and singing opera(which is weird i guess).

    Would love to connect with you me baduckworth

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    hey , just want to say hi, I m applying for CSULB Spring 12, best lucks to you my friend. What is the last prerequisite u r taking right now? you should apply for SFSU
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    goood luck you guys. ima cross my fingers for myself too.
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    Hey hnguyen, which school r u planning to apply ? R u vnese too
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    Hello Brian,
    Good Luck to you. I just got into the LPN program here in New York State. I was on the waiting list last year but got in this year. Classes are going well and my grades, so far, are great.
    We start clinical next weekend Oct. 22. Our first one is at a nursing home. I hope it goes well, I am a bit nervous because I have not done this before and I don't work in the medical field.
    Hope to get to chat with you and others here.
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    I am a male in nursing school. Term 1 final this Tuesday.
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    Welcome aboard mate, my skype is Thujone3
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    Hey dude, male nursing student here, in last year of schooling now...if you need any help let me know!

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    Hey Brian,

    I will be starting a BSN program at CSU, Channel Islands at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara this coming Spring, 2012, so I know what you are feeling at your time of applications... I went through two application sessions, so if you need any tips about what to do ro what not to do, I'd be glad to help in any way. A lot of people helped me on here when I was in your position, so I'd love to pay it forward any way I can.
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    Welcome and congrats on pursuing this. Its a great field. Rule #1 in nursing are the enemy lol. Good luck. Start FNP program in january. Let me know if you need any help

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