Mother/Baby: They're all so d*mn healthy!

  1. I don't think it's because I'm a male student--although there are things I can't do at my school on the Mother/Baby floor because I *am* male, at least I know what those things are--but there seems to be a huge disconnect between the Mother/Baby textbook and what actually happens on the floor. I mean, I read about birth defects and pulmonary emboli and drug dependency and MAS, and then I go into clinical and pass out a tylenol or two and the food trays. Maybe listen to a strong heart or two. THEY'RE ALL SO DAMNED HEALTHY!

    Good for them (he said grudgingly). Still, with only 3 more clinicals left in the semester, it would be interesting to see something a little out of the ordinary. I certainly don't wish evil on my patients, though, so maybe I should just get over it.

    What's the most exciting (good or bad) thing that's happened to y'all on Mother/Baby rotation? Maybe a vicarious experience will be good enough! :spin:

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  3. by   Jolie
    Your post reminds me of an early episode of ER when Carter and another med student were competing with each other to get "interesting" patients so they could be "checked-off" on various skills. At the end of the episode, Carter realized that he had been almost gleeful over a patient's diagnosis of melanoma, as it gave him the opportunity to do yet another procedure.

    I realize that is not the spirit of your post, but I want to caution you against getting too gung-ho about sick patients with complex needs. That will come soon enough. Take joy in the miracle of healthy childbirth.

    If your hospital has a NICU or high -risk ante-partum unit, perhaps you can ask to spend a day there. It will serve as a powerful lesson that normal, healthy, and boring are all good things.
  4. by   Terry USM
    Hmm. I was afraid that my humor might sound flippant, apparently with good reason. Let me assure you again that I wish no harm to my patients. As a father of two, I promise you that I've taken joy in the miracle of healthy childbirth. As a student nurse, I need to learn as much as I can about what can go wrong pre and post-natally. Or even what can go different, not necessarily wrong. Anybody have any insight?
  5. by   Dublin37
    That's funny. I thought i might love working that floor, but after volunteering there for a while, i thought i would pull my hair out. Yes the babies are cute, but heck, they just sleep, and generally the moms too. That floor is dull and boring, you're right, so dang healthy! I am really not looking forward to that rotation. Though I hear L & D is much more fun. dublin
  6. by   kllyhlls
    Have you ever thought about moving to trauma? lol.. funny post and I love the ER reference.

  7. by   SteveNNP
    I work in a level III NICU. I can tell you right now I have yet to see a healthy baby come through our doors. Take a 23-weeker, add a high-frequency oscillator vent (600-900 resp per min), dopamine/dobutamine/tpn/lipids, fentanyl gtts, chest tubes, delivery room resuscitations, and you've got an awesome responsibility. Check out your hospital's NICU. You won't be bored.