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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself, my name is PinBall, I'm 23 and an active service member... I am currently deployed to...let's say a "not so friendly area" for the 3rd time, and... Read More

  1. by   medicmatt44
    One thing to consider is that certain states grant in state tuition to Veterans. For example, I moved from NY to attend The University of New Mexico and received in state tuition despite living in New Mexico for 15 days

    Other states that come to mind are Connecticut, Rhode Island, Idaho, Arizona, and Colorado.

    A Bill was recently introduced to mandate resident status and in state tuition for Veterans- but of course it died for reasons that Veterans are all too familiar with.

    Excelsior College is a good call for fulfilling some of your required humanities courses.

    PLEASE- do NOT attend a for profit "college" or "university." The majority of courses offered at for profit schools will not transfer into state university systems as the for profit institutions are not fully accredited. Way to many veterans make this mistake and squander their GI Bill.

    Good luck with your studies and kick a$$ in the pre-requisite courses.