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  1. 0 19 years old ill be 20 by the time I go to NS what am in for. I know ill be in a female dominated class what are the pros and cons
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    Make good money
    In demand career
    Many different areas of nursing
    Your cup runneth over (woman wise)


    Hmm... I'll get back to you on this one
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    19 years old in a target rich environment, that is your pro. Surrounded by half the population who are heavilly influenced by their hormones, that may be a con... I think 19 is a bit young for nursing, but if you feel that helping people is your calling, then by all means go for it. If you are not in it for the caring part, then the money, security and potential tail will wear thin quickly.
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    thanks guys keep em comming
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    U will do well
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    i know i will =)
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    At your age, there are plenty of chicks. At my age, all the girls that age are well...nuts. Fun to look at though
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    Nuns are my prof
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    Quote from JonB04
    Nuns are my prof
    Poor guy. Do they rap your knuckles with a ruler when you're acting up?
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    hahahahaha oh man if only i could go to school with you guys
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    I would get kicked out of a catholic nursing school so fast.
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    Because of the girls's skirts?
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    I'm the only guy in my class. It's not as fun as you would think. Having another dude in the class would make it so much better.