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Hello all, For the last year I've been taking pre req while working full time in the IT field. (2 classes). I'm happy to say I will be taking the leap and going full time come this fall. Luckily I have a strong support from my... Read More

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    Hello. I was recently accepted into nursing school and was told that being a male in nursing benefited me as I was considered a minority. The school that I appplied to in Georgia looks at the entire person, so not just grades but activities, previous work history, etc. I had to have an oral interview and grades were important but not the only requirement. I took a chance and left my career (also IT) to pursue nursing a little over a year ago (taking pre-requisites) and I studied and worked hard to keep a high GPA to increase my chances of getting accepted. I only applied to 2 programs and was wait-listed for one and accepted into the other and luckily I was accepted into the one that I really wanted. I start August 15th so that is as far as I have gotten. I suggest keeping the grades up but do your research on the school(s) that you want to go to and talk with them and find out their admission requirements. Some schools have information sessions that you can go to and I did that and it helped a lot. They gave us tips on what to do to increase our chances for acceptance into the program. They can tell you what you need to do in order to be competitive and each school has different requirements so don't just concentrate on one school. You need to increase your chance of acceptance by applying to multiple schools. My biggest advice is if nursing is what you want to do then it will happen, and if for some reason you have to wait another year to start then it won't be the end of the world! Good luck, my friend!

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    I think being a male in the nursing field can be beneficial if the admissions committee sees the need for a male nurse in the field. Being a male isn't so much of a minority where I live, but there are 8 guys in a class of about 100 cohort. My first interview I didn't get in to the program of choice. I was hard headed and did not apply anywhere else. I had a 3.6 the first application and interview I had and did not receive admissions. In my city all nursing schools are competitive, because everyone wants to be a nurse. I decided then I wouldn't give up, I retook a class that I had a B in, and got the A. I re-applied after that and got my second interview and received admissions with a 3.85 GPA. I am happy now because I believed in myself and I did not settle for a back up school, some people may have a different opinion and want to go wherever takes them. I just didn't want to.

    The female interviewer I had really liked me, and I think that weighed in on my acceptance. Everyone that applies to my program has around a 4.0 it seems like. I think if your passionate and real, than your chances are really high of getting in. If there are no interviews, which some schools don't offer then I would suggest studying very hard and focusing on being the best candidate by whatever factors they use in admissions calculations. I changed my major in college after my first year to pursue nursing, so it was a set back but going to be well worth it in the end. I think you should absolutely keep going and apply to any school you want to go to. Nothing is better than going to the school you want to go to, and are proud to go to. Out of the three people I know that pursued nursing I am the only one to get into my school, the rest went elsewhere after one rejection. Persistence is a good thing.

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