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I know alot of women nurses and was curious if anyone had an experience hiring men? Would you say that there is a greater demand to hire men because there are fewer of them available in the field?... Read More

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    males are in demand. i got a job offers before i even graduated. places want diversity.
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    Quote from Doug85
    I don't know if we have an advantage in the hiring, but do males have an advantage when it comes to getting accepted into a nursing school?

    It's all about the entrance test score (in my case the TEAS), GPA, interview and Pre-reqs (in my program they were not required but you were not competitive without them).
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    They do have an advantage at my school's admission. We love diversity at here, but unfortunately, the school's program does not reflect that much diversity.

    I do, however, as a black female, feel a connection with male students more than other students cause we're minorities, and even though, as minorities, we may have a slight upper hand in terms of admissions, in terms of jobs and other areas, we are at a disadvantage (think about a male nurse wanted to work in OB, L and D, NICU, etc).

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