Just got accepted into an ADN program for the spring! - page 3

Just got my acceptance letter this afternoon and have orientation on the 15th! Any other new student murses starting this spring?... Read More

  1. by   Illmatic
    I also start spring!!! Congrats to everyone!!
  2. by   jetro
    I start Jan 08! I'm anxious!
  3. by   akulahawkRN
    Congrats to all male nurses that are about to start the most interesting ride known as "Nursing School" this Spring.

    As far as stethoscopes go, I would suggest one of the Littman series, probably the Lightweight as a good starter. I've been using stethoscopes long enough that I can pretty much use any steth I am handed because I know what I'm listening for. In other words, I'd be fine with a $12 cheapie or a $400 electronic steth, or anything in between.

    My current personal steths are a Littman Cardiology III and an OLD Littman Lightweight. One runs about $150 or so, the other runs about $40, last I checked. Neither leaves my side... I do not lend them out and I don't leave them anywhere. I have had both for approximately 12 years and I expect to have them for another few years...

    Finding a good stethoscope that meets your needs is something that just takes time and a little research. Most importantly, train your ears for the sounds you need to hear. Once you know what to listen for, you'll be able to pick up what you need even if all you have is a cheap steth.
  4. by   nurse_jv
    I highly recommend Littmann all the way, I personally own Master Classic II BE and its been so much helpful in listening and assessing patients. I had classmates that had so much trouble with their stethoscopes, littmann has a very sensible diapraghm, and you could definetely hear the difference, its worth to pay the extra mnoney to get something you want to keep for couple of years down the road!
  5. by   bhua32877
    Everyone that got accepted for the program, going to Collin County? I got accepted for Elcentro LVN-RN spring 2013, orientation starts the 7th. Good luck and read ahead even during summer =)