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about to get into a two semester LPN program. I'd be done May 2014. I have twins coming this year around August as I go into the program. I simply couldn't imagine spending those two semesters doing... Read More

  1. by   PMFB-RN
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    Where is said program, sir? My interest you have piqued.
    Sent you a PM.
  2. by   Natural510
    There's a guy in my RN classes who is an LPN at Children's Hospital in Columbus OH; he's a brawny-lookin dude and has never mentioned catching flack for his appearance or gender. He started in the burn unit there (said he couldn't take what he saw, psychologically) and transfered to a different unit and is happy (could've sworn it was NICU, but could be wrong).
    As others have stated, L&D and men don't mix. I actually had a good experience with my OB rotation, and no gender discrimination from the nurses nor mothers, but that was as a student with a female instructor watching over my shoulder the entire time. Something about the environment does not welcome male RNs, and most places won't hire male nurses for their OB areas for liability reasons alone.
  3. by   pacjeffery
    Do hospitals have LPN's in the NICU?
  4. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from pacjeffery
    Do hospitals have LPN's in the NICU?
    There might some exception some place but I have never heard of or seen an LPN in any critical care unit, including NICU.
    BTW NICU jobs are VERY much in demand and competition for them is fierce.
  5. by   nyrn310
    many hospitals do not hire LPN's or at least the ones i know in ny.
  6. by   Wyrm74
    Everything you want to do can be accomplished as long as you go all in. I went back to school at 35 doing pre-reqs and started my ADN program last fall. I'm finishing my second semester now and will graduate in May 2014 at the age of 40. I also had a few careers before this one, and am working full time as a CNA in a hospital. It doesn't pay worth a darn but the hospital is paying for my education and I'll have a job after I graduate which is a HUGE advantage right now. My wife stays home (always has) and minds our kids while I go to school and work, which basically makes her a single parent. She is my hero! You can do it, stay the course! Oh, and leave off the L&D track, it will only lead to disappointment. See if you can work in Peds as an LPN and then transition to NICU if possible when you've attained your RN. Good luck brother!
  7. by   pacjeffery
    Thank you all for the encouragement and sound advice. I feel that I can leave L&D off the table and look toward NICU. As of right now I'm going to focus on getting one step at a time.