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Hey All, My name is Phil from Philadelphia and I got accepted to nursing school. I will probably start in Fall 2013. Please post, assuming you land a job etc etc. (Let's be optimistic) This... Read More

  1. by   TellMeIfThisHurts
    IE is the area East of Los Angeles. San Bernardino and Riverside counties.
  2. by   hsienko
    I hopefully will finish up in May. My immediate plans for after graduation are to get my diploma, buy some nice new bedding, eat a crazy big meal, and sleep, and by sleep I mean sleep for as close to 24 hours as humanly possible. After that, I'll follow up with 1 to 2 entire days doing nothing but reconnecting with all the non-nursing students & family who have been parlayed. Finally, I'll spend the other 27 days or so studying for boards.

    But, oh how I crave the thought of a night of sleep without having some sort of nursing school nightmare where I have to pack wounds in a hosp-fish patient while being watched by a large carp (instructor) who has incredibly large eyes on each side of her body allowing me no where safe to hide ^_^
  3. by   2bmalenurse23
    Hopefully Land a job in a Hospital ER and gain an abundance of skills/experience. Then Work as a Travel Nurse for about 5 years and live in cities such as Miami, Chicago, Los Angelos and maybe do some abroad work! im hoping that nursing will change my life for the better!
  4. by   RedRaiderBSN13
    Now I have the time to think for myself after a crazy first semester of nursing school. Pay of my loans while helping my brother who's going to college once I graduate. Start saving up money to buy a house or a car and begin my retirement plan (no harm in starting really early right?). Career wise, I would like to work either in the ER, ICU, or Pediatrics. Try to soak as much experience as I can and see if I want to further my education like grad school cuz who knows? my goals today can be the same or totally different in the next 5 to 10 years.

  5. by   Living4Peace
    Nice dreams guys! I definitely am going to move myself and my family out of the inner city. Buy a new car. Donate to various charities and church. Keep my wardrobe updated (gotta keep my swag tight! lol)
  6. by   LVNBSN2
    I am hoping I can just find a job. We may move back to the Bay Area. Want to go directly into the MSN program at UoP.
    That's the plan, Stan!
  7. by   ChrisNZ
    In my most optimistic dreams I'd like to be accepted into a graduate program either here in New Zealand or possibly back home in Australia, specifically melbourne.

    Seeing as most graduate programs rotate you through two placements I'd love a Theatre placement and a placement in Oncology (seeing as I've spent considerable time in Oncology it holds a special place to me and would love to work with those who have taken care of me in the past).

    I'm keeping an open mind though, I'll see what I enjoy as progress through nursing school.

    But realisticly I'll take what I can get once I graduate.
  8. by   chansen
    Graduated last month, already landed a position in a 21 week critical care fellowship, took and passed my boards this last week. At this point, taking a family vacation for the next week or so until the fellowship starts to relax.
  9. by   BigDaddy77
    My list of things I want to do after graduation is getting long too. I'm currently in my second semester of nursing school but I'm part time. I have a family that relies on some sort of paycheck from me.

    First will be another vacay, probably to Disney with the wife and kids.
    Second, finding a job
    Third, buying myself a bike (currently wanting a Hayabusa)
    Fourth, either putting an addition on my house or selling and moving on up (this will depend on the Real Estate market since right now it down right sucks in this small town)

    I have 2.5 years before I graduate as a RN due to the part-time route and my list changes just about every week. However, taking a nice vacay with the family and possibly a second with just the wife would be ideal.
  10. by   kalevra
    Everyone heads to the bar and gets college drunk during happy hour!!
  11. by   beckstuhhh
    I graduate this year in October. My 2 main goals are pass the NCLEX and land a job. After that I want to go to on a real vacation to Versaille, France and tour the palace
  12. by   rocketberger
    earn enough money to drown everybody *maybe at least a town* in booze in my homeland!!
  13. by   CPN82
    look for a job!

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