Help, second day of pre-nursing school and a lady in my class keeps bugging me

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    I met her yesterday first day of school, she taps me at the end of class and tells me we in the same class in 2 of our classes. She wants to get into the school that I got into. She asking me questions about how to sign up for nln, and the admission process. So far she's called, emailed, texted me a good number of times for only knowing her for 2 days. She also asked to borrow my nln book which I bought for 40 bucks. Isn't that asking alot from a person you just met???? Also I'm finding that I have to repeat answers as she sometimes asks the same question twice. This makes me suspicious that she is not pulling her own weight. I told her I'll sell the book to her for 25$ she then says she already has one and asks me to bring it in to see if mine is better. See the theme here? She keeps asking and asking and asking. I have enough books to carry in my book bag.

    I have another friend I help alot, but we talk, we're friends, she's very appreciate dropping off snacks for me. Even tho I don't even like her snacks its the thought that counts to know im appreciated. What you think about this chick?

    Btw so far this chick is leading me to believe that women ARE crazy.
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    It sounds like she has an interest in you that goes beyond books. She is using the books, admissions, and questions as an excuse to talk to you and to get to know you.

    I've been married for 14 years. Yes, women are crazy. Though if you ask them, they'll tell you that men are crazy so it's all a matter of perspective.
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    Quote from 2mint
    Well I did something similar today. I only looked straight ahead and paid no attention to her and also ignored her texts. Not the funnest thing to do but she stopped talking to me and sat a few seats away instead of right next to me lol.
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    Quote from engnr2RN broke her heart
    Well what was I supposed to do be fake nice to her leading her on? I actually considered going out with her if she wanted to do, but she kept on calling, and asking and asking. Way too soon too fast which makes me feels there's something suspicious about this lady and not relationship material.
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    Was she at least hot!
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    Honestly I dont even remember too well what she looks like lol. Only known her 2 days...

    So uh from what I do vaguely remember she is quite doable. I wouldn't say SUPER doable, but doable. Man to man talk women need not apply lol (Unless you got hat way)
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    maybe not worth the hassel if annoying.
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    Sounds like a stage 5 clinger!

    In all seriousness though, just tell her kindly to leave you alone if she is bothering you that much.
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