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I just want to throw out there that the best nurses I have had as a patient have been male nurses. Don't be discouraged!!... Read More

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    Quote from studentnurse96
    i just want to throw out there that the best nurses i have had as a patient have been male nurses. don't be discouraged!!
    thank you on behalf of all my colleagues around the world...aloha~

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    Quote from studentnurse96
    I just want to throw out there that the best nurses I have had as a patient have been male nurses. Don't be discouraged!!
    Thanks a lot. There's not much being said about male nurses out there and the typical stereotypes are a bit overwhelming to ignore sometimes. This gives me something positive to look forward too as I persue my goals.
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    We need more male nurses!!!!
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    While I agree with what many have said, and have met many great male nurses, why don't WE ALL lay off the gossip, cattiness, etc. Maybe male nurses have a reputation for higher professionalism because they had to fight gender stereotypes to get where they are--and good for them-- but rather than claim that that means we need more men, lets all rise to the standard of professionalism we admire.
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    I totally agree, love you guys! Sooo much more fun to work with! Sorry ladies, ive just always preferred working with the guys haha
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    I love love love male nurses we have one in our facility he is soooo helpful I feel bad his the only one so everyone is always asking for his help. I wish there would be more.
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    I only have two men in my class...thats out of 31. Sad to me!
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    Now, I have been in situations where males worked predom. It's usually nic, but don't tell me that things can't get ugly. LOL

    It was like Testerone Overload. Men can get every bit as hen-pecky (in their own way) as all get out.
    I've seen it and when it gets to that level? It's like dealing with a bunch of hormonal females.
    I've learned that men do gossip in their own little way. They just don't give themselves over to it and they're more likely to mind their own business.

    I was in the military whn I first observed this little phenomenon.
    A little feminine energy? Well - I can't say that it settled things as it seemed to make them more aggressive.
    Well, it was the thought that counted.LOL

    My whole thing is balance.
    All in all, I love male anything on the floor right now.
    Swear to goodness, it's a total hen-fest at work!
    ...there's always that handful....
    A little male energy is good for our workplace.
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    I'm glad to see that male nurses are well accepted. My clinical experience so far has me throughly convinced that I am on the right path, even at 48. I probabaly have 20 years or so to give. I have 3 semesters left before my ADN and then only the nursing related classses for my BSN (I plan to be working as an RN in between). I have no doubts about my decision.
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    We're grateful for you female nurses, too... what's up ladies

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