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Graduated, Licensed, and Job Offer - page 2

Hey all, Just wanted to give some encouragement to those second career "old guys" LOL. I graduated December 10th. Took my Nclex on March 7th (Had to wait until after we received tax return because... Read More

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    Quote from dedicatedone
    Congrats!!! After reading so many stories on this message board about people who are having a difficult time finding a position, I was getting very scarred for my future. Stories like yours give others motivation to get out there and try again. Very happy for you!
    I was hired before school was even over, before my NCLEX and before graduation. They said my demeanor and skill during clinicals played a huge part in knowing they wanted me. Finding jobs can be easy, you just have to be the big fish in a little sea. Rock it hard at clinicals like it is a job interview!
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    Thanx for the great post... Hows the job going? I'm 42 and have applied for 6 nursing programs for the Spring of 2012. I'm glad to see that us geezers have a chance... I have always believed that our experienced and seasoned souls have a lot to give in the field of nursing.

    Thanks for sharing...
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    Nice stories! gives me hope! Im about to start an ADN program in 3 weeks and I'll be 35 when I graduate. no med experience here what soever.
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    That's awesome!!! I will be graduating in May at 36 years old and feel like my age is a leg up in a new nursing pool of twenty somethings. Good luck out there.
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